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Older Article Archive

Vlado Institoris
, master heater builder in Slovakia.
Photo by Tom Trout.

rocket stove
Rocket Stove Report from John Fisher

Sjang van Daal loads the firebox of his prototype, Denmark. Antoine Guerlain observes.
Facing is a clay and hemp parge 20 to 30 mm thick.

MHA Announces Two New Certified Heater Masons

I gives me great pleasure to announce that Brian Klipfel and Eric Moshier have met all of
the requirements of the MHA heater mason certification program, and are now
the 23rd and 24th MHA Certified Heater Masons.

Congratulations, Eric and Brian.

Norbert Senf
Masonry Heater Association of North America

MHA International ties at work

Report by Alex Chernov


Backyard Bake Oven by Gene Padgitt
Marge and Gene Padgitt have a new backyard bake oven,
built by Gene

Masonry heater by Dale Demary
Heater by Dale Demary

Thermal Mass core and soapstone tile facing

Dale's son Andre and friend Aleosha.
Note the firebrick shiner backing for the soapstone tile.

Stephen Bushway heater
Southbay Quartzite, soapstone and brick heater

with integral wood  storage and shaped heated bench and tinted mortar
by Stephen Bushway  and Antoine Guerlain


Masons on a Mission
Masons on a Mission 2008

Report by Pat Manley

MHA Heater Design Contest Results

by Marge Padgitt

photo by Alex Chernov
Wildacres 2008

Enjoying the warmth of a Double Bell heater on a chilly evening
photo credit: Alex Chernov

Heater by Marcus Flynn and John Rousseau
Heater by John Rousseau and Marcus Flynn

CBC television news

Masonry heater saves school from
natural gas crisis in Hungary

Recent heater by Raivo Koppel, Estonia

Hungarian foundries
Hungarian foundries

Thanks to Bujna Ferenc for the following very interesting list of heater hardware manufacturers in Hungary:

"In travels in Eastern Europe's stove culture I have seen some Hungarian heater door castings.  They are the most beautiful I have ever seen." - - -Tom Trout
Lars Helbro: - - - "I totally agree. If anybody has information on how to do business with them, please let me know."

Boston Globe
Masonry Heaters in the Boston Globe

Jan 11/09
Thanks to Steve Bushway for the link.

Heater/Fireplace Combo

Includes oven, cooktop in oven, smoke chamber and second floor heat battery.
by Branimir Mijuca, Croatia.

updated on Jan 12/09 with information on a grill retrofit

Heaters in the Temple
Heaters in the Temple

by Alexander F. Batsulin
Thanks to Marcus Flynn for the connection

Post Season Wood

by Steve Bushway

corner heater by Eric Moshier
Corner heater by Eric Moshier

President's Report to the MHA Membership

July 15, 2008

I am extremely pleased with the hard work and the huge strides that the current Board has made towards fulfilling the mandate that it was given from the MHA membership at the 2007 election:

Following the regularly scheduled quarterly MHA Board meeting, which took place by conference call
on July 13, you can find the following new Reports in the MHA Members' Lounge:

Furthermore, from reports that both Dick and I have received, there is an overwhelming consensus that the program at Wildacres 2008 was a huge success. I am pleased to report that things are already shaping up for another great program in 2009.

Mark it on your calendar!

Enjoy the summer ................ Norbert Senf

Cookstove by Marcus Flynn
Cookstove by Marcus Flynn

Outside Combustion Air Discussion

An interesting recent discussion, on a misunderstood topic, at John Gulland's Yahoo Woodheat list

Joel Dick
MHA member mason Joel Dick

takes delivery of a heater kit, Chelsea, Quebec, Dec 5/08.
Timberframe house, with 12" Hempcrete walls - a mix of chopped hemp and lime formed in place.

Exterior view.

2008 Wildacres Review and Evaluation

by John Rousseau


Finland PM
State-of-the-art of small-scale biomass combustion with respect to fine particle emissions

Central European Biomass Conference
Graz, Austria, 18.1.2008

(ed note: 85% efficiency, using the European definition, translates as approximately 75% efficiency, using the North American definition. The European definition allows efficiency to be higher than 100% in some appliances, such as condensing gas furnaces.)

Chemical composition and mass size distribution of fine particulate matter emitted by a small masonry heater

Boreal Environment Research, Helsinki, 2009

pm research, Finland
Reduction of Fine Particle Emissions from Residential Wood Combustion

Workshop in Kuopio, Finland, May 22 - 23, 2006

Nordic pm
Particulate measurements from residential woodburning

Nordic Council of Ministers

heater by Marcus Flynn
Further Operations in Auvergne

by Marcus Flynn


an interesting email from Marcus Flynn

Masonry Heater Glossary of Terms

by Marcus Flynn

Heater by Raivo Koppel
Heater with corner window by Kerri Koppel

Construction photo


Hemmingford heater
Architects's rendering

Proposed finish for prefab core with heated bench, Hemmingford Quebec.
Architect: Giovanni Diodati, Fournier Gersovitz Moss Architects, Montreal
Marcus Flynn with completed core

clay poster
Russian poster on testing and preparing local clay for heater building

Previous MHA Auction donation by Marcus Flynn

Pyromasse goes Russian

Marcus Flynn has translated his website into Russian, due to the large
amount of interest he has had from there


Rocket Stove
Rocket Stove Comments by John Gulland

From a discussion on the Yahoo Woodheat list


MSN - Heat your home with wood

thanks to Tom Stroud for the link

A Comparison of Pellet Stoves and Masonry Heaters

by Doug Hargrave

HeaterPortCvr.jpg (6880 bytes)
Plan Portfolio Sampler

Rammed earth heater
Rammed Earth Heaters

by Lloyd Alter

Traditional Rammed Earth Construction

refractory mortar
Refractory mortar and its use in core construction

by Marcus Flynn

Heater by Michael Thronson
Heater by Michael Thronson

Precast refractory firebox door surround



Bell Heaters: Applications for Brick Bake Oven / Fireplace combinations

by Alex Chernov

Contraflow heater by Michael Thronson
Handbuilt Contraflow heater core by Michael Thronson

Centrifugal Carburetor Bake Oven

by Lars Helbro

Small contraflow by Carl Oehme
Small Contraflow photo sequence

by Carl Oehme
Includes a 22" contraflow stacked on top.

Updated on Aug 15/08

Heater by Raivo Koppel
Recent heater by Raivo Koppel, Estonia

Fairbanks mayor pushes for wood stove trade-in plan

Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Dec 8/08

One Shot Left

The latest science suggests that preventing runaway climate change means total decarbonisation.

by George Monbiot
The Guardian/UK, Nov 25,2008

Methane - the world's first ecolabelled fuel

HPBA Fireline - Nov 2008

Government Affairs Newsletter

Video recommendation from John Fisher

David Holmgren is co-founder of the Permaculture movement.
If you are maybe rethinking your conventional business assumptions,
check this out.
An alternate perspective on the current financial crisis.

primavera oven
New Forno Bravo Primavera oven manual

Forno Bravo has donated one of these ovens for the 2009 MHA Auction !

Amazin' Masons
Amazin' Masons Blog

See what Johnny Z and Brian Klipfel are up to

Masonry Heaters in Estonia

The Wood Heat Policy Institute

Government and media outreach in support of home heating with wood

A project of

Boiler Sizing Report

Two smaller batch fired boilers can be more economical than one large one, when heating load varies widely.
MSc project by Jane William, UK


Masonry Heaters are a Great Way to Heat with Wood

by Norbert Senf

Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, Sept 25, 2008

masonry heater by Marcus Flynn
Saone Valley - Field Notes

by Marcus Flynn

Forno Bravo oven
Forno Bravo Announces New Oven

One piece, ready to fire, U.L. listed

Seminar in Czech Republic with Igor Kuznetsov

chernov air system
Air System Discussion

with Alex Chernov
These topics will be explored in further detail at April's feature hands-on workshop
at Wildacres with Igor Kuznetsov
. It will feature a complete double bell heater build.

Kuznetsov stove
Stove Plan from Igor Kuznetsov

Scott Goodman Builds an Italian Pizza Oven

Short Course on Masonry Heater Emissions Testing Methods and Combustion Design

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Portland Oregon, October 24-25, 1991

First time online!

This historic seminar kickstarted MHA's technical efforts on emissions.
3.5 Mb PDF file, 29 pages

kuznetsov stove
Report from Igor Kuznetsov

Marcus Flynn
Marcus Flynn

St. Adolphe d'Howard, Quebec. Oct 15/08

North Country Renewable Energy Fair 2008
2008 North Country Sustainable Energy Fair, April 25-27
State University of New York, Canton Campus

MHA President Norbert Senf gives a presentation on masonry heaters at SUNY Canton.
It drew a large crowd, and there were lots of questions and interest.

"My husband and I attended your seminar at this weekend's Sustainable Energy
Fair.  We are planning to build a house next year, and found your information
about masonry stoves extrememly helpful. 
Thank you for detailed presentation!..."

Pat Manley Oven
4 Hr. Pizza Oven with Pat Manley

Wildacres 2008

marty pearson building an estufa in guatemala
Marty Pearson builds a masonry cookstove, known as an estufa, in Guatemala

Report from Guatemala 2007

by Pat Manley


Recent Work from Raivo Koppel in Estonia

Contraflow heater by Raivo Koppel
Contraflow heater with 22" firebox, white oven, thinstone veneer

by Raivo Koppel, Estonia

David Lyle Collection
Clay Ovens

MHA Testing Donations reach $4,645.10

Thank you to our most recent donors: Tom Hagelund and Mike Gilmore

Masonry Heater White Paper

Prepared for: The Masonry Heater Caucus of the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association

- final version. If you downloaded the earlier Feb 5 version, please replace it with this version.
- thanks to Bob Ferguson, Rod Zander, Tom Stroud, and the MHA Technical Committee for facilitating this project
- a special thanks to the generous MHA member donors who helped to fund this project

Check out MHA's new Brick Oven Page

claverton - Sizing of Log/Pellet Boilers


MHA Announces 2 new Certified Heater Masons

MHA Executive Director Dick Smith reports that Gene Padgitt and Glenn Overk have both received MHA Certified Heater Mason status, after meeting all of the requirements of the certification program. This brings the number of people who have passed the MHA Heater Mason Certification to 27.

Congratulations, Gene and Glenn !

bakeoven, Hungary
Traditional Bake Oven - Hungary

photo by Bujna Ferenc


State of the Hearth Industry Fact Sheet

from HPBA

Trust me, burning firewood leads to a life of misery and financial ruin

by Tim Mowry, Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Kiko Denzer's Earth Oven Blog

MHA Spring 2008 Newsletter


CCHRC presentation

cchrc presentation

Can a Masonry Heater be 90% Efficient?

Short answer: No. Here's why

High-Tech Old-World Technology Latest Trend in Heating

by Marge Padgitt

alex chernov heater
alex chernov
Contemporary Mission Style heater by Alex Chernov

marcus flynn
Field notes from France

by Marcus Flynn (includes 50 detail photos of a custom heater build)

alex chernov fireplace/oven
Bake Oven / Fireplace Combination

by Alex Chernov

pat manley bake oven
Pat Manley Builds a Bread Oven

quickfield simulation
Masonry heating simulation (in French)

Marcus Flynn

Stove by Steve Bushway
Recent Projects by Steve Bushway

Pierres Steatites
MHA member Les Pierres Steatites recently exhibited at the Montreal International Design Show.
Their soapstone heaters and other soapstone products won a Certificate of Excellence for
"Product with Ecological Design"


chimney connection by Marcus Flynn
Connecting to an existing remote chimney

by Marcus Flynn


Kim Roberts Kachelofen
Kim Roberts' Kachelofen in his new house in Japan

Kim was at Wildacres in 2006. New baby Taj is on the heated bench.
Kachelofen was designed and built by Kiesling Construction Ltd.

The Flow of Gases in Furnaces (1923)

W.E Groume-Grjimailo
complete text, 399 pages


see also:

The Rational Construction of Furnaces

by W.E. Groume-Grimailo, Petrograd, Russia, 1911.
This book presents the theoretical underpinnings for Igor Kuznetsov's work.
Igor was MHA's featured guest at the 2008 annual meeting at Wildacres in North Carolina

marcus flynn oven article
Two Exterior Community Ovens: Savoie, France

by Marcus Flynn

thermal mass core by carsen homstead
Thermal Mass core with clay and stone finish.

by new MHA member Carsten Homsted


The Bread Hunter
Bread For All
"Everything about bread, earth/mud and clay ovens"
- very cool blog by Pat Manley's friend, Stu Silverstein. Check it out.


MHA News - traffic is up 150%



Comparison of page views, August 1 - 24, this year vs. last year.

Lars Helbro workshop
Workshop in Ete, Hungary, June 22-28, 2008

with Lars Helbro and Frank Roedgaard

Marcus Flynn heater
Notes From the End of the Earth - Finistere 2008

by Marcus Flynn

In rural Alaska, fuel costs now a matter of survival

Heating with Wood

by Dave Misiuk, Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Latest Hot-Item Energy Commodity: Firewood

CNBC, July 2/08

"Heating oil now costs a whopping $3.88 per gallon. That translates into about 38,000 British thermal units of heat per dollar, versus about 100,000 BTU per dollar for firewood."

Biochar: the new frontier

Cornell University

Report from the Largest Renewable Energy Fair in the U.S.

by Dick Smith

Heater workshop in Hungary
First Heater Building Workshop in Hungary

by Ferenc Bujna

Marcus Flynn
Observations Five Years Later

by Marcus Flynn

As Biomass Power Rises, a Wood-Fired Plant is Planned in Texas

New York Times, August 29/08

A standard municipal by-law for wood-burning appliances

- Canada
- in French, with English summary, 2 pages

Masonry Heaters unaffected by new Quebec Woodburning Regulations

thanks to Quebec MHA members Tristan LeBreton and Marcus Flynn for flagging this and following up.

New proposed woodburning regulations in Quebec appear to exempt masonry heaters

contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Field Notes: Savoie

by Marcus Flynn

marcus flynn heater repair article
Repair: Detail

by Marcus Flynn

Using Castable Refractory Concrete in the Field

by Marcus Flynn

white oven
White Upper Chamber Bakeoven

by Marcus Flynn

Marcus Flynn core
Refractory Core Construction Sequence, 2006

by Marcus Flynn

MHA Best Masonry Heater Design Contest 2008

fireplace retrofit contest
Update - July 8, 2008

Market Research Study:
Design and Installation of Custom Masonry Heaters and Wood Fired Bread and Pizza Ovens in Newfoundland and Labrador

by Maggie Keiley,
as part of an MBA Marketing Course at Memorial Universtiry, mentored by Dr. Katherine Gallagher.
Conducted for MHA member Martin Palmer

HPBA Weekly Clips 6.16.08

Check out the article on mass heaters, forwarded by Tom Stroud

January 15, 2008
MHA January 2008 Newsletter

Kachelofen Masonry-heater School of Canada

Fireplace Alternatives: Masonry Heaters and Pellet Stoves Give More Heat, Less Smoke

by Barbara Kessler

Energy & Enviro Finland

a new Internet Journal for dissemination of information on energy and environmental technologies

John Fisher
John Fisher splitting out a sandstone arch piece,
Birmingham, Alabama. Check out his cool
new website.

Lopez Labs
Current Testing at Lopez Labs

Results will be presented at a seminar at Wildacres 2008

Dan Givens, Dave Misiuk and Norbert Senf during recent testing at
Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Alaska testing photo report


"We are a group of professional energy specialists – scientists, power station and national grid operators, economists, bankers, academics, engineers etc who have been discussing energy policy and technology on and off for some for 30 years, recently grown to over 200 participants.

Journalists often contact us for an independent view of energy issues. Many members use the group to pose questions or to ask for technical expertise and there is almost always someone who has the knowledge....

oven - alex chernov
Bake Oven by Alex Chernov

Alex built this restaurant oven with some modifications to Pat Manley's design.

Muskoka granite facing by John McDougall
Muskoka Granite Facing by John McDougall

There is a lot of interest currently in natural thin stone facings for heaters, particularly in combination with the brick shiner system backing developed by William Davenport (see Shineology article, below).

Although the image shows a zero clearance fireplace, the facing is a beautiful example of high level craftsmanship applied to a thin veneer product, by master stone mason John McDougall. John states that the labor was not significantly less than with full dimension stone, to achieve this level of fit. However, the interesting application for heater cores is that you could prefab this facing in your shop, and then install it very quickly on a long distance job.

hot water masonry heater
Kachelofen/fireplace insert with tubes for hot water heating
(from a Russian book)

Innovative heater facings dep't:

check out Superpanel - looks interesting.


Oil: A Global Crisis

Published on Sunday, May 25, 2008 by The Independent/UK


All new houses in Britain will have to be zero carbon - burning no fossil fuels such as oil - by 2016, the Government announced, and housebuilders are struggling to meet the target. At present the standard can be reached only at great expense, but the industry is confident of bringing the cost down as mass production kicks in. It is even more important to adapt existing homes.

The key step is to super-insulate the house to make it as energy-efficient as possible - and only then to provide renewable energy sources. Solar water heaters, ground source heat pumps and boilers powered by wood pellets are favourites...."

Thin joint masonry

How to Be a Climate Hero

Orion Magazine, April 27/08

Bellfires bake oven prototype

Check out MHA member Fred Schukal's new design

California Bay Area to Ban Masonry Heaters

updated on April 2/08


R-2000 Makeup Air Guidelines

Canadian Home Builders' Association, April 1993

Draft of the National Green Building Standard

National Association of Homebuilders

Scientists using Fairbanks as base for Arctic research

2008 Wildacres Final Agenda

matt simmons
Matt Simmons discusses peak oil

thanks to John Fisher for the link suggestion

How much heat is there in one pound of wood ?

by Sam Foote P. Eng. (Retired)
from the 1992 print edition of MHA News

Heating Water with a Wood Stove

John Gulland

flynn core
Refractory Core Construction Notes

by Marcus Flynn

Rocket Stove report from John Fisher

Design, Construction and Performance of Stick-Wood Fired Furnace

by Professor Richard Hill, University of Maine, 1979
(The original Rocket Stove - NS)

Rumford fireplace by Stephen Bushway
Rumford Fireplace by Stephen Bushway

the lintel and 2 flank stones weigh 3,000 lbs

MHA Booth at HPBA Hearth Expo, Atlanta. Feb 29, 2008

From left to right: MHA Executive Director Dick Smith, MHA members Jerry Frisch and
Albie Barden, HPBA Senior Manager, Codes and Standards, Tom Stroud.

photo credit: Norbert Senf

hpba 92
MHA Booth at HPA Show, 1992

Email from Marcus Flynn regarding source for non-carcinogenic ceramic fiber

Choosing Renewable Energy

by John Gulland and Wendy Milne

Compartment Fires

Fire theory for large scale fires (rooms) has applicability to wood fired ovens

custom heater door by Dale Demary
Custom heater door by Dale Demary

- the cutout in the solid cast iron panel was made by a programmable water jet.

Connie Huffman: What's happening on the regulatory scene with masonry heaters?

Consumer Energy Information: Masonry Heaters

U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Copenhagen aims to become the world’s ‘Eco-Metropole’
– the lowest-emitting city on the planet

The Toronto Star, March 29/08

MHA Website stats for the last 12 months

MHA Website stats for March/08

Local Control Saves Forests in Guatemala

Results from Austrian Field Testing in the early 1990's

MHA Historical Documents Page

Who links to the MHA site?

Wikipedia listing on masonry heaters

Here's a graphical listing of websites that link to

To see a list of web pages that contain links to the MHA site, use the following search term in Google:
- - - (note the space after "link )

December 8, 2007
Report on Wildacres 2007
by John Rousseau

Wildacres Group Photo 2006
Wildacres 2006 - Report on MHA Annual Meeting

MHA 2007 Auction Results

We raised almost $9,000.00, with a top donation of $2,671.00 by Mid-Atlantic Masonry Heat

Worm and Dave
Wildacres 2007 Photo Report

December 7, 2007
MHA Fall 2007 Newsletter

test heater
Heater Research and Testing Workshop - Wildacres 2007

Virginia Radiant Heat Fall Tulikivi Newsletter
doug hargrave
MHA Treasurer Doug Hargrave breaks ground for his new showroom in Virginia
The Best Pizza in Montreal


Boiling Point
Front cover of Boiling Point issue 54
Issue 54 (2007)
Climate change and household energy

Emission Factors and Real-Time Optical Properties of Particles Emitted from Traditional Wood Burning Cookstoves

by Christoph A. Roden, Tami Bond, et al.

Alaska Wood Energy Conference

Fairbanks, Nov 14 - 15, 2007

Content from the Conference is now online, including:


"Biomass Energy R&D at CCHRC" by Dave Misiuk


"Masonry" magazine article

Blast From The Past 1

Contraflow heater by Tom Trout, 1981
Tom Trout and Robin Dreyer in front of a contraflow heater that they built in 1981.
Original UPO doors with tempered glass.

Blast From The Past 2

Contraflow heater by Norbert Senf, 1981
Contraflow heater built by Norbert Senf in 1981.
Reclaimed brick with thin lime mortar joints.
Original UPO solid doors with small air inlets - the unlined 4x16 chimney on this heater is still clean after 27 years of use (Don't try this at home, kids).

Rocket Tea Kettle


Field Testing of Double Bell Heaters

by Alex Chernov

A Design Tool for Wood Fired Storage Appliances

Zweifel et al
Building Simulation 2005 Conference, Montreal

Online University Courses Big Hit

The free online courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are getting
more than a million hits a month.

CBC News, Dec 31/07

Content from Sustainable Northern Shelter Forum

Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Fairbanks, Alaska, October 28 - 30, 2007

36 Hours in Asheville, North Carolina

New York Times, Oct 2/07

New York Times article on Outdoor Wood Boilers
Dec 19/06

Traditional Rammed Earth Construction in France

(2Mb PDF File)

The Oil Depletion Resource Page

"For the past several years I've spent a lot of time studying the problem of petroleum supply, the question of when oil production will reach its peak and begin an inevitable decline.  It's a kind of morbid hobby.

................The awareness of petroleum depletion has caused me to change my behavior.  While planning for their financial future is a preoccupation of most middle-aged people, at our household we are devoting more effort to planning our energy future by reducing our demands and using renewable energy resources."

John Gulland

Emission Testing For Real People

Dr.Tami Bond
Bond Research Group: Aerosols in the Global Environment
Dep't of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

rocket stove testing - tami bond
Testing of Rocket Stoves

Dr.Tami Bond
Bond Research Group: Aerosols in the Global Environment
Dep't of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Russian Stove

Creating Greener Future for Urban Youth

ABC News, Feb 14/08

HPBA Announces up to $5,000.00 Matching Funds for MHA Heater Testing

September 7/07: Tim Seaton reports that he just has just returned from a strategy meeting at HPBA, and that HPBA has agreed to match MHA funds for our current testing effort to gain recognition with EPA. As of today, the total amount for our fundraising drive stands at $3,495.00.

Please visit the Fundraising Page If you have not made a donation yet, please consider doing so. If you make your living from building masonry heaters, you will benefit directly from this effort.

mortarboard06MHA Newsletter, 2006 (Click)


masonry heater in slovakia with tom trout
Heater Building Trip to Slovakia

with Tom Trout

marcus flynn
Marcus Flynn on Quebec TV

MHA Financial Records, Board and Committee Reports are Now Online

Available to Voting Members in the Members' Lounge
Find out what your association has been doing

geodesic pizza oven
Geodesic Pizza Oven

A Cool Tool

Dale Demary sent this one in.

Scientist Brings Odd Bedfellows Together to Save The Earth

San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 24/07

New System of Fuel Combustion and Prospects for its Application

by Igor Kuznetsov

Sweden: Going Green

Sydney Morning Herald/Australia

Heikki Hyytiainen's Air Injection Research

Heater Workshop 1
Heater Workshop 2

jack arch by marcus flynn
Jack Arch Construction Sequence

by Marcus Flynn

jack arch by Marcus Flynn

small contraflow from MHA plans
Small Contraflow Heater built from plans in MHA Plans Portfolio

John Fisher pizza oven design
pizza oven design by John Fisher

Celtic knot by William Davenport
Celtic Knot

by William Davenport
To create the over/under knot pattern, William flamed the brick to darken the color.

heater by ferenc buja
Ferenc Bujna from Hungary sent this photo of a heater that he built
based on information from the MHA website and the MHA bookstore.

Letter from Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) to MHA

Coal Mines

Thanks to longtime MHA member Bill Derrick for forwarding this story from a friend.

John, Alex & Norbert
Swedish bake oven builder John Fisher, checking out an Alex Chernov
double bell heater project
north of Toronto,

MHA's EPA Heater Testing Fundraising Campaign

Vermont Wood Fuel Supply Study

BERC - Biomass Energy Resource Center

Arctic Thaw May be at "Tipping Point"

Reuters, Sept 28/07

More Industries are Seeking Regulation by the Feds

New York Times, Sep 16/07

MHA Member Donations to Heater Testing Campaign reach $3500.00

lime in yemen
Making lime in Yemen

"Green Mortgages" Taking Root

The Boston Globe, Nov 16/07

Sustainable Energy Fair
2007 North Country Sustainable Energy Fair, April 27-29, SUNY Canton NY

MHA President Norbert Senf gives a presentation on MHA and masonry heaters at the State University.
Feedback from organizer Patricia Greene was:
"What a crowd you had!! lots of interest, feedback was they wanted to know more about how the stoves work.
Afterwards, local MHA member Tom Hagelund bought lunch at a great little Jamaican place.


concrete panel heater by William Davenport
Concrete panel heater

by William Davenport

Building a Heater Core in France

by Marcus Flynn


Compressed Earth Block Press


No Impact Man

A Guilty Liberal Finally Snaps, Swears Off Plastic, Goes Organic, Becomes a Bicycle Nut, Turns Off His Power, While Living In New York City.

China Passes US as World's Biggest CO2 Emitter

The Guardian/UK

CO Growth
Global Warming "Is Three Times Faster Than Worst Predictions"

The Independent/UK


Photo from Catherine the Great's palace in Pushkin,  Russia.
Traditionally they were made with delft tile exteriors.
Stan Sackett and Doug Hren toured Russia recently and saw many
of these types of fireplaces in palaces.
Click image for larger version.

Hikari Fukazawa bake oven
Hikary Fukazawa, a participant at the 2003 French bake oven workshop, returned to Japan and built his own oven.

Hikari writes:

Here is the picture of my bake oven.
Our bakery is going so well.
Last Saturday we sold out 30 pizza at the Saturday evening market.
Of course I baked by wood fire.
Every day my wife Shuko is baking 10kg wheat flour and selling out in a short time.
We will increase products little by little.
But we will keep making hand made bread.

Diesel already wins race as the energy alternative

CO2 per capita

NorthStone Offers New Line of Hardware

The Canon

A must-read tour of the basics of science

Boiling Point 53: Technologies the really work - May 2007

HEDON Household Energy Network

Inflatable Bake Oven ?

To Remake the World

by Paul Hawken

Have you driven a Fjord lately?


MHA's Newest Member is 14 Years Old

2 ASTM Fuel Crib Tests at Lopez Labs

The Argument
(In Favour of Wood Heating)

by John Gulland

South Europe hit by extreme heat

BBC News, July 24/07

Eco-Junk: Why Buying Less is More Than Buying Green

by George Monbiot

New Articles by Marcus Flynn:

Loire Atlantique #2 : Field Notes 2006
Loire Atlantique #3 : Field Notes 2006
Saine et Marne : Field Notes 2006
Chimney Connection #3

HEARTH Online Training

Another reason to join HPBA

Sustainable Northern Shelter
in a world of diminishing resources

Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) Conference
Fairbanks, Alaska Oct 28 - 30

From the Blogosphere

An internet chat with heater builder and bakeoven builder John Fisher,
who now makes his home in Sweden

Deforestation - The Hidden Cause of Global Warming

The Independent/UK

EPA Proposes new smog standard

San Francisco Chronicle

Vermont files final Adopted Outdoor Wood-Fired Boiler Rule

Bill Clinton Creates $5 Billion Green Building Program

Architectural Record

Map of IBC Code Adoption by State

Masonry Heater Codes and Standards from Around the World are now Online

Climate Change at Spiegel Online

Heater masons hold an important piece of this puzzle.
Here is a great resource to educate yourself on the issue.

Ashton Hayes aims to be England's First Carbon Neutral Village

Out of the Blue: Why Green Became So Cool

by Gwyn Dyer

CO concentration
CO (carbon monoxide) concentrations. This is an indicator of air pollution.
(source: Spiegel magazine (Germany), Jan/07)

CO and CO2 are often confused in media reporting on climate change.
CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and not toxic. CO is a poison.

You get CO2 from combustion. You get CO from bad combustion.

wild 06

To MHA Members & Friends,

It is with sadness that I inform you that I have just been advised by Kathleen Sotero (Ben Sotero's wife)
that his brother Frank Sotero died of a stroke at 2:30am today, January 15th.
MHA will send condolences and flowers.  If you would like to send a card, his wife is:
Debbie Sotero
3185 Plateau Road
Reno, NV 89509
Beverly J. Marois


Fingal County, Ireland, adopts Mandatory Sustainable Building Requirements

Report from Guatemala

by Pat Manley


Japan's "Mileage Maniacs" Hack Hybrids, Beat Toyota Engineers


heater by steve bushway
Custom see-through heater with white bake oven and heated benches by Steve Bushway
and apprentice Antoine Gurlain.

Earth Floor article in the New York Times

Feb 8/07

trip to japan
MHA regulars Jerry Frisch, Rod Zander, John Fisher and Gary Hart and Japanese hosts during 2005 heater building trip to Japan

Climate Change: Scientists Warn it May Be Too Late to Save the Ice Caps


Greenhouse Gases Hit New High, Rise Accelerates

ASTM E-6.54 Task Group on Masonry Heaters Meeting, March 17, 2007, Reno NV

The Rational Design of Furnaces

A Trip To Europe

by Igor Kuznetsov

Phillips Develops Smokeless Woodstove

Carbon comparison - source: Independent / UK

The average British citizen produces 26kg of CO2 in a day. This breaks down as follows:

* 7.4 electricity
* 1.6 fuel production
* 3.8 manufacturing and construction
* 7.4 transport, of which: (5.2 road transport, 1.7 air travel, 0.1 railways and 0.4 shipping)
* 1.0 office buildings
* 3.8 residential heating
* 1.0 Other industrial processes, agriculture, military travel, other

The average Kenyan citizen produces 0.7kg of CO2 in a day. This breaks down as follows:

* 0.08 electricity
* 0.08 fuel production
* 0.16 manufacturing and construction
* 0.31 transport
* 0.07 other

(The average American or Canadian produces about twice what the average Brit does - ed.)

Global Warming-era Parenthood

How do you tell your kids about climate change when they've heard so much about it elsewhere?
Los Angeles Times, Dec 23/06

New German Community Models Car-free Living

Each cube on the map above shows how many million tons of CO2 each country puts into the atmosphere per year.
The bottom graph shows the atmosphere's CO2 concentration (part per million) over time.
It is currently at its highest point in 600,000 years.
Half of all emissions in history have happened since 1980, and are accelerating.

Source: "Der Spiegel" magazine (Germany), Nov 6/06

Boulder Becomes First North American City
to Pass a Carbon Tax


An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore

Le Panyol Oven Workshop with Albie Barden

Providence, RI. Nov 17-18-19, 2006

Transforming Power in Rural Communities:
Case Study of Wood Energy - Heating Rural Homes

by Wendy Milne

2006 Heater Testing at Shawville


John Fisher sends this photo from the Welser Messe 06 in Austria

John Gulland Builds a Boiler

Sweden Plans to Be World's First Oil-Free Economy

by John Vidal

Report from India

MHA member John Rousseau and his wife Darla Thompson are travelling in India this winter. Read their blog.

MHA members John Fisher and Rod Zander are currently in Austria, visiting the Austrian Kachelofen Guild. Check back soon for a report.

MHA member Pat Manley is in Guatemala this winter building a bake oven at a school for dump children in Guatemala City. Later, he will continue to build cookstoves (estufas) for Mayan families around Lake Atitlan. Read Pat's report (below).

Building a Modern Russian Heater

White Upper Chamber Bake Oven

by Marcus Flynn

John C. Zamkotowicz becomes 23rd Certified Heater Mason

Johnny Z as we know him has been an MHA Member since 1998 and has been a regular attendee at our annual meeting at Wildacres contributing to the shared knowledge of the heater masons and to the humor as well.

John has presented a most impressive portfolio of his work, but wants credit to be given for the very detailed sketches to Brian Klipfel (MHA member who works with him). He also credits his wife for the presentation - but as he points out - "I did the design & work!"


Fuel Combustion and Optimum Use of Heat Energy

by Igor Kuznetsov

The Healthy Indoor Air Guide
-The Chemistry of Housing

Published by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment, in co-operation with IBO - Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building
(3.2 Mb PDF file)

Biomass Cooking Stoves

Easy Chamfered Corner on a Heated Bench

Alex Chernov becomes 22nd Certified Heater Mason

Alex Chernov of Stovemaster in Alton, Ontario, Canada has recently qualified to become the twenty second heater mason to be certified in North America through the Masonry Heater Association.
Alex has been an MHA Member since 2004 and attended the annual meeting at Wildacres 2005 contributing to the shared knowledge of the heater masons.


Tom Trout and Heikki Hyytiaiinen led a heater workshop at
"Permaculture Week for Eco-Heating", in Slovakia
Aug 11 -17 /05.

Mold for casting a combustion air system developed by Heikki.

The finished pieces.

Jeff Kuczmarski becomes 21st Certified Heater Mason

Jeff Kuczmanski of Log Building Co., Inc. in Rhinelander, WI has recently qualified to become the twenty first heater mason to be certified in North America through the Masonry Heater Association.

Jeff has been an MHA Member since 2003 and has attended the annual meeting at Wildacres the last two years. Jeff built his first masonry heater in 1986.


Proper Operation of Masonry Stoves and Furnaces

by Igor Kuznetsov

Corner Brick Contraflow Heater Workshop

with Jerry Frisch

Joe Prinzivalli becomes 20th Certified Heater Mason

Joe Prinzivalli of Prinzivalli Masonry in Lamy, NM has recently qualified to become the twentieth heater mason to be certified in North America through the Masonry Heater Association. Joe has worked with John Fisher, Albie Barden, Rod Zander and Temp-Cast. Attendees at Wildacres 05 had the pleasure of meeting Joe.


David Thomen becomes 19th Certified Heater Mason

David Thomen of Thomen's Masonry in Livingston, TN has recently qualified to become the nineteenth heater mason to be certified in North America through the Masonry Heater Association.

Most of us know David as "Worm". Worm has been an MHA active member since 1999 and has been a regular attendee of our annual meetings/workshops at Wildacres.


(he's the guy on the left in the photo below. Joe Prinzivalli is on the right)

Commercial Pizza Oven Workshop with Pat Manley

New Version of EnergyPlus Building Energy Simulation Program Now Available

Download free of charge from the U.S. Dep't of Energy

A Tricky Chimney Connection

by Marcus Flynn

How to Fix an Outdoor Boiler

by Bob

"I managed to get through the Winter of 2000-2001 with my wood boiler, but was not at all happy with the smoke and the 22% net delivered efficiency."

Masons on a Mission 2004 Report

by Pat Manley

Edith Kiesling becomes 18th Certified Heater Mason

Edith Kiesling has just recently completed all certification requirements to become a Certified Heater Mason by the Masonry Heater Association of North America. 
Congratulations Edith!

Wildacres 2005 a Big Success

by Bev Marois

Masons on a Mission - 2005 Report

by Pat Manley

MHA Heater Masons Leave Japan

Yesterday, July 31th, Certified M.H.A. Heater Masons almost
completed artistic 3 heaters and had drunk off almost of all Beer
in the village. .... continued

MHA Member Stan Homola
Offers New Line of Heater Hardware

Advanced House

This 1989 low energy demonstration project near Toronto, has a contraflow fireplace. (60 Kb pdf file)

Charcoal Production with the Free Gas Movement System

by Igor Kuznetsov

"Double Bell" stove built recently in Vermont by Alex Chernov.
Details on this system of heater design and construction can be found at

Early Mennonite Russian Stoves on the Canadian Prairies

MHA member Carl Oehme recently rebuilt one of these, and also discusses the history of what may be the first masonry stoves in Canada
(1.2 Mb PDF file)

Gas Plant Boilers

by Igor Kuznetsov

Low Exergy Systems for Heating and Cooling of Buildings

"The transition from high valued energy sources to low valued energy sources requires appropriate heating and cooling systems in buildings. Heating and cooling systems that provide heating or cooling energy at a temperature close to room temperature (i.e., low exergy systems) are a prerequisite for the efficient utilisation of low valued energy sources."

Downloadable Guidebook

Brick Oven Map on Google

August Vanderdonckt writes:
The map allows brick oven fans to find out if they are close to somebody who already has one.
It enables people to upload pictures, communicate with each other directly and locate ovens geographically.

John Fisher's Heater Art

Custom Soapstone carving by John Hanna, Barre, Vermont
Tulikivi heater by Wood Masonry, VT..

Whole Earth "Fire" Issue (Winter 99)
complete text of the articles
"a must read" - ed.

Gene Hedin 1925 -2004

Eugene (Gene) Hedin, 79 of Duluth, MN, passed away on May
18th after a long illness due to kidney failure.

Gene was a long time member of the Masonry Heater Association
and friend to all. He apprenticed to the Duluth Brickayers Union 3.
A member of the First Luthern Church of Duluth, he was the onsite
construction manager and (with Rev. A.E. Hanson), laid the first
brick of the new sanctuary. He worked for Older Construction
Company in Duluth before starting his own construction company
(Eugene Hedin Masonry Construction) in Two Harbors.

On our MHA Website homepage is featured the masonry heater
that Gene built in their Duluth home. Gene loved to travel. He
and Letty traveled throughout the U.S. to visit family and build
fireplaces and masonry heaters for friends.

He is survived by his wife, Letitia (Letty) Older, their four
children, Ann (Mrs. A. James Lee) in Lowell, Mass.,
Susan (Mrs. Jay Gilleland), in Anchorage, Alaska,
David (married to Kathy Gorz) in Woodbury, Minn., and
Elizabeth (Mrs. Randy Gleason) in Park Rapids, Minn.
Gene also leaves 10 grandchildren.

As a memorial to Gene, MHA has made a donation
to the First Lutheran Church of Duluth in his name.
I have attached my favorite photo of Gene taken
at the annual meeting at Wildacres in 1999.
(Bev Marois)

Fuel Crib Testing at Lopez Labs

Design of Economizers in Boiler Construction

by Igor Kuznetsov
(50 Kb Word file)

An Environmentalist's Guide to Responsible Wood Heating

by John Gulland

"The Party's Over" by Richard Heinberg

Successful Fireplaces in Tight Houses

by John Gulland

Flying Concrete

Structural and Sculptural Forms in Lightweight Concrete

Check this one out!

Dutch Masonry Heater Worshops

Interesting photo series, including a prefabricated tile facing
(descriptions in French)

Another workshop - using a Dutch Fin-Oven kit, with a clay plaster finish

Rocket stove

Connecting an 8" ICC Chimney to an 8x12 masonry Chimney

600 Kb Word File

The story behind the heater at MHA headquarters in Vermont

by Jay Hensley

Refractories Applications and News

Technical journal on refractories - download the current issue for free

Downloadable technical article


Pat Manley recently built a kitchen bake oven for Billy Joel
at his house on Long Island.

MHA in the News

Hydronic Circulation without external power

Generating electricity directly from hot water

Pyrolysis of Biofuels

by Igor Kuznetsov
( 130 Kb Word file)


Russian Bake Oven Drawings

30 pages, 2Mb Word .doc file

The Russian Bania

History of the Great Russian Bath

Design of Masonry Heaters for Russian Banias

by Igor V. Kuznetsov

Basics for the Design of Wood Burning Masonry Boilers

by Igor Kuznetsov

Pat Manley built this oven for Matchbox Vintage Brick Oven Pizza
in DC

MHA 2004 Meeting at Wildacres

Photo report by Norbert Senf

Tadji Bakery Project

Can you help these American servicemen with rebuilding a bakery in Iraq

Two Projects in France, Summer 2003

by Marcus Flynn

masonry heater by Marcus Flynn

The Building You're in Fuels Global Warming

by Edward Mazria

Tom Hagelund and Don Juan - Masons on a Mission, 2004

Guatemala: above is MHA member Tom Hagelund with Mayan mason Don Juan.

Pat Manley reports a successful 2004
Masons on a Mission stovebuilding trip to Guatemala. (March 7/04)

Infrared Imaging of the Heat Distribution Pattern in "Double Bell" Stoves

By I. V. Kuznetsov
(179 Kb Word document)

Workshop on "The Principle of Free Gas Movement" with Igor Kuznetsov

Ekaterinburg, Russia, January 2004

Trip notes by Alex Chernov
(1.3 Mb Word document)

Construction of a French Bongard Oven

by Norbert Senf

MHA Winter 2003 Newsletter

Details on the upcoming annual meeting in North Carolina, plus much more.
(300 Kb PDF file.

Masonry Heaters and the Law

2003 Masonry Heater Association Annual Meeting - - April 14 - 20

Photo Reports:

2003 MHA Annual Meeting
Grpup photo
Swedish Heater Workshop with Jerry Frisch
Swedish masonry heatear workshop
Field Trip to Tom Trout's Showroom
Inside view of Dutch heater

French Bake Oven Workshop with Norbert Senf
French bake oven
Hikari Fukazawa's Presentation on Forestry in Japan
Japanese forestry presentation

Wildacres 2002 Photo Report

wildacres 2002 report

Stove Testing Proposal

by Igor Kuznetsov
(30 Kb Word file)

Insulative Ceramics for Improved Cooking Stoves

by Dean Still, Dr. Margaret Pinnell, Damon Ogle, Brad van Appel -- Aprovecho Research Center

Heating Churches with Masonry Heaters

by Igor V. Kuznetsov
(170 Kb PDF file)

MHA Members Help Build the 1000th Cookstove in Guatemala

Reflections on Thanksgiving

by David Eisenberg,
Development Center for Appropriate Technology

Design of Multistory Stoves

by Igor V. Kuznetsov

San Francisco Baking Institute #180 teaching oven

Oct 29/03: Timber Framers' Guild Eastern Conference
at Chateau Montebello, the largest log structure in Quebec.
400 participants.

Your editor presented a 90 minute session on masonry heaters that had good attendance
and was well received.
MHA Member Bill Derrick is also a TFG member and was very instrumental in
setting up the cross linkage between these two complementary disciplines.


Wildacres 2001 Photo Report

36 x 24 Contraflow heater workshop
Le Panyol oven workshop
Superior Clay oven workshop
Small custom heater workshop
Safety testing workshop

How to Take a Professional  Heater Photo

by Norbert Senf
Note: this was a seminar at the 2002 MHA meeting at Wildacres
(20 Kb PDF file)

Masons on a Mission update

by Pat Manley (Dec 03)

Report From Guatemala

by Pat Manley (Feb 17/03)

A Brief History of MHA

Jerry Frisch and Frisch wannabe's Norbert Senf and Gary Hart
photo credit: John Rousseau

Doug Fry - Masons on a Mission
Doug Fry setting an estufa plancha (cooking plate)
El Rincon, Guatemala. Masons on a Mission, 2001

Masons on a Mission - Guatemala Video Available
Marty Pearson in El Rincon, Guatemala
Masons on a Mission, February 2000
(those cool MHA T-shirts are available at the Bookstore)

Masons on a Mission 2001 update

Report by Pat Manley, April 4/01
Cookstove building instruction

The Master of Bread
Lionel Poilâne - an appreciation

page 1
, page2

from Bon Appetit

New York State Adopts International Residential Code

As of July 2002, masonry heaters will be recognized by the Building Code in New York state.  (160 Kb PDF file)

MHA Fall Newsletter (Part 1)

Jerry Frisch gives you the lowdown on latest events
(450 Kb PDF file)

MHA Fall Newsletter (Part 2)

ASTM update, membership info, and more.
(1.2 Mb PDF file)

Evangelist is Spreading the Word on Fuel Efficiency

Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in White House

ASTM Meeting, Oct 13/02, Norfolk VA

Draft Thermal Performance Standard for Masonry Heaters and Fireplaces
by Paul Tiegs, OMNITEST Labs
(900 Kb PDF file)

Contact E-6.54.07(Masonry Heaters) Committee Chair Rod Zander

Outdoor Heater Complexes

by I.V. Kuznetsov
(630 Kb PDF file)
See also: Russian masonry heater website


John Zamkotowicz and John Fisher demonstrate the latest in heater mason's fashions. In the background are Tom Trout (mixing mud), Jerry Frish and Scott Helms.
2003 MHA Meeting at Wildacres

The Principle of "Free Gas Movement"

by Igor V. Kuznetsov
(100 Kb Word file)

Masonry Heaters for Greenhouses

by Igor V. Kuznetsov
(455 Kb PDF file)

Rock Solid Warmth

Masonry heater article from Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Natural Home Magazine

Kachelofen Workshop with Ernst Kiesling

Report by John Rousseau
(330 Kb PDF file)

Canadian Emissions Regulations

Stakeholder Consultation Workshop - Record of Stakeholder Comments
37 pages, 180Kb Word document


Stan Homola announces new Soapstone Company

The Winiarski Rocket Stove

A successful cookstove design for third world use

Olivine Oven Refractory from Washington State

John Gulland's Weird Woodstove

Check it out

Stove Heating of Multistorey Temples in Yekaterinburg, Russia

by I.V. Kuznetsov
(400 Kb PDF file)

Building an Improved Russian Bath

by I. Kuznetsov

San Joachim Valley to Ban Masonry Heaters and Fireplaces

Masonry Heater Clearances to Combustibles
- Recent Research at Lopez Labs (Aug 20/01)

download in Word 97 format (100 Kb, better graphics)
download in PDF format (120 Kb)

CSIA's new Technology Center has a Masonry Heater

Efficient Cook Stove Designs From China

62 page document shows various efficient cookstove designs that have been developed in China. About 130 million of these stoves have been built since 1982.
(1 Mb PDF file)

MHA-NET Traffic Report, October 2001

European Analysis Shows Huge Value from Renewables

The cost of generating electricity from coal is up to 120 times more expensive than wind, according to a major analysis conducted for the European Commission.

MHA Is In Good Hands

Article by Jay Hensley reports on the 2000 meeting, plus a bit of North American heater history

Field Safety Test Reports Online

On-site field test safety reports for a Tempcast and a Heat-Kit heater are available in the Members Lounge

MHA-Net Traffic Continues to Grow

Energy Use Patterns in Off Grid Houses

24 page study by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). (1 Mb PDF file)

Website for environmentally sound biomass stove

ASTM Masonry Heater Workshop,
Dallas, October 21  -  Details

Messages to MHA from around the world

Junk Mail into Briquettes:

Southern Oregon University and the National Forensics Laboratories have tested sample briquettes made from junk mail (under standardized laboratory conditions and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy) and found them to be no more polluting than US Government certified wood pellets. Encouraged by these results  Legacy Foundation technical staff are working on the design and construction of a machine for the US household market which will turn junk mail into burnable briquettes.

How to Control Dust During Construction

ASTM Workshop on Masonry Heater and Masonry Fireplace Research and Development

New Ways of Stove Heating

by I.V. Kuznetsov
New Russian paper examines the context for wood heating and where masonry heaters fit in.
176 Kb PDF file

Polish Piec Restoration

Traditional Polish heating system

Review of Wood Heater and Fireplace Emission Factors (100 Kb PDF File)

by James Houck, John Crouch and Roy H. Huntley

The Green Stove Mason: Run Your Truck on Biodiesel

Viridian Note: Used cooking oil from fast food chains is clogging the nation's sewers.

August Workshops:

Custom Soapstone Heater and Fayol Bake Oven
Plans: page 1, page 2, page 3

The Problem with Outdoor Air Supplies

It seemed like a good idea until it was tested

See also:
Seminar on Outside Combustion Air -
Science, Myths, and Current Codes

with John Gulland

MHA Homeowners Manuals

Home Owner's Safety Manual and Burning Guide for Masonry Heaters - 3 pages
Home Owner's Safety Manual and Burning Guide for Cook Stoves and Bake Ovens - 6 pages

Available free of charge to MHA members in The Members' Lounge

Available to the general public at The MHA Bookstore

Lime Kiln Report updated May 30/01

Students in the first year Heritage Masonry progam at Algonquin College in Perth, Ontario recently built a lime kiln as a class project.

Clearance to Combustibles Test Results -  Wildacres 2001

Russian Paper on Stove Design

Fundamentals of Stove Construction
by I.V. Kuznetsov

(10 pages, 96 Kb PFD file)

Recent Safety Testing of Masonry Heaters and Fireplaces

by Norbert Senf

The Improved Biomass Cookstove

Technical paper on the fundamentals of cookstove design

Bakeoven Repair

Repairing a dropping vault in a 6' x 9' commercial oven

Running Notes on 2000 MHA Meeting at Wildacres Retreat, North Carolina

Report by Jay Hensley

Masonry Heater Workshop with Albie Barden

Conway, NH, Oct 1 - 7, 2000
report by Gary Hart

Backyard Pizza Oven Workshop with Pat Manley

Berkeley to Consider Fireplace ban

San Francisco Examiner Article

(Request for Comments): The Effects of Wood Smoke on our Health:Review of the Problem and Exploration of Remediations

by Dr. Elmer Grossman, member of the city's environment commission.

Comments by Norbert Senf

Build a Backyard Bake Oven

ASTM E 1602-94 Revisions

Available in the Members' Lounge

Clearances to Combustibles Testing at Wildacres

A test heater was built with 3 firebox wall sections: 8" soapstone, 8" brick, and 4.5" brick. The heater was fired with 4 back to back loads of 50 lbs hardwood and surface temperatures were recorded.

Pat Manley's Stovebuilding trip to Guatemala
updated July 30/00

Photo Report on 2000 MHA Meeting at Wildacres

Fireplace Clearance to Combustibles Testing at OMNITEST - Preliminary Results

Clearance to Combustibles Testing at Lopez Labs

Masonry Heaters Banned in San Jose, CA

A report from the front lines
Instant Karma for San Jose?

See also:
letter from MHA to San Jose city attorney (unanswered)
MHA Position Paper

OMNITEST Fireplace Emissions Test Results

Compares EPA and Northern Sonoma fueling protocols
Northern Sonoma Fueling Protocol (1 Mb PDF file)
Comments by Jim Buckley

Updated April 6/00

Download the SNEWS "Back Page Freebie" on Masonry Heaters

corrected version, Mar 11/00
(90 KB Acrobat PDF file) Freely reuseable with copyright credit to SNEWS.

Subscribe to SNEWS

Jerry Frisch on the back cover of Jan/00 SNEWS magazine

ICC Code Meeting in Birmingham

Report by Jim Buckley

An Alternative Future for Building Regulation

Jan/Feb 2000 issue of ICBO magazine is dedicated to alternative construction. Links to articles on cob, bamboo, cast earth, etc.

Strawbale Construction: A Building Official's Perspective

Sept/Oct 98 issue of ICBO magazine is dedicated to alternative construction. Links to articles on strawbale, adobe, rammed earth, etc

Casas que Cantan

Report by Bill Steen (co author of The Straw Bale House Book)

MHA's New Board of Advisors updated March 26/00

Jay Hensley's Full Report on the 1999 MHA Meeting

A shorter version of Jay's Report originally appeared in SNEWS magazine

Guatemalan Stove Project

MHA President Pat Manley to go to Guatemala to build 20 stoves

The Dynamics of Domestic Open Fires

by Prof. P.O. Rosin, 1939
Classic paper that's been an underground classic among fireplace masons for years. 28 pages, well illustrated. (Large file, 3Mb PDF)

Current Fireplace Tests at OMNI

Jim Buckley describes the current test series involving a standard Western fireplace, a standard Eastern fireplace, a Rumford and a Frisch Rosin

Jerry Frisch Builds a Swedish Heater

New Wood Heat Organization Announced

Ottawa, October 27, 1999 - The formation of The Wood Heat Organization Inc., a unique nonprofit agency, was announced here today. The organization was formed to provide reliable information about home heating with wood, to promote environmentally appropriate woodburning practices and to represent the public interest in woodburning issues.

ICBO Recognizes Alternative Construction

Rammed earth, strawbale, and others are covered at ICBO's website

Download the SNEWS "Back Page Freebie" on Masonry Heaters

(80 KB Acrobat PDF file) Freely reuseable with copyright credit to SNEWS.

Building Departments Are Preparing to Adopt the International Building Code (IBC)

MHA Position Paper

MHA's pro-active response to the current regulatory initiative in the San Francisco Bay Area.
600KB Acrobat PDF file

Frank Sotero is the Newest Certified Heater Mason

Frank Sotero is the latest MHA member to have passed all of the
for Heater Mason Certification. He now holds certificate #11. Congratulations, Frank!

List of MHA Certified Heater Masons

The Bread Builders

by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

Definitive work on hearth breads, including the most complete description of building a bread oven available in print. Mandatory reading for bread fans and oven builders. Extensively reasearched. Your editor rates it a 10.

San Jose, CA to Ban non-EPA Wood Heat

(31 Kb. Acrobat pdf file)

The New Turbo Wood Gas Stove

by Tom Reed

A clean machine.

"Dream Stove" for Asia

Thought provoking new paper from Prof. Grover on cooking stove design

Masonry Heaters to be Included in Building Code!

Text of proposed wording, with some comments from Jim Buckley

Residential Wood Combustion Technology Review

by James Houck and Paul Tiegs
"I would commend this report to anyone who is interested in the state of the art of North American stove technology and test methodology." ....John Gulland
800 Kb Acrobat file

Chimney Component Suppliers and Manufacturers

Good resource on the National Chimney Sweeps Guild website

John Gulland's Trip to Honduras

Interesting photo report on the effects of hurricance Mitch, Honduran efficient cookstove program, and a chimney seminar that John presented

House Depressurization Workshop

with Norbert Senf and Bob Lapo

Clean Combustion of Wood

by A.M. Hasan and R. Khan
An excellent paper, well worthy of study by anyone planning to design a testing program for stoves

Stoves Mailing List

Mainly aimed at improved third world cookstoves, but deals with a lot of interesting combustion issues as well. This is where most of the world's stove junkies hang out!

Life Cycle Analysis of a Residential Home in Michigan

by Steve Blanchard and Peter Reppe

  • Recommended download!
  • Important reading for any heater builder who wants to make informed environmental arguments to his/her clients.
  • Although a few parts are technical, this paper will give you a good basic education in current energy efficient housing (EEH) principles.
  • The environmental considerations are put into a very useful context - this is the best argument for installing a masonry heater. Find out why!

The CMU Air-Core Passive Hybrid Heat Storage System

Draft paper by Bion Howard, to be presented at ASME 21st Century Renewable Energy Systems (Maui Conference '99).

Solar powered masonry heaters - worth reading - download it now, while it is still available online.

North America's First Certified Heater Mason

Press Release

Nicaraguan Clay Bake Ovens

by Marcus Flynn

Dome Shaped Oven Details

Traditional French oven details
Useful drawings from Beech, Australia's best pre-cast dome shaped oven.
Dual fuel oven drawings from Rosito Bisani

Woodburning, forestry and global warming

This paper was written for the 1993 Air and Waste Management Association annual conference by Dr. Ole Q. Hendrickson, Forest Ecologist, Forestry Canada and John F. Gulland, Gulland Associates Inc.

Chimney Draft, Negative Pressure, and Carbon Monoxide

excellent article from Energy Source Builder #47; 

Biomass Cooking Stoves

Alex English's web site to help people involved in the development of a better stove for cooking with biomass fuels in developing regions

Colorado Regulation

Colorado is revisiting its new fireplace regulation. A no-punches-pulled report by John Gulland is available at the Members' Lounge

MHA Position Paper(Acrobat format)

Emissions of Rural Cooking Devices

Phd. thesis by Grant Ballard Tremeer. In-depth analysis of a number of emissions and testing issues. Excellent appendix on basic wood combustion theory.

Travelling to visit Belarusian masons

by Marcus Flynn

Construction Experience of "White" Upper Chamber Bakeoven Option for Contraflow Heater 

by Marcus Flynn


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