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The Book of Masonry Stoves:
Rediscovering an Old Way of Warming
by David Lyle 

he classic work by the late David Lyle. David was a charter MHA Member and one of the best-informed people in the US in the wood heat field. He considered himself a Masonry Heater Researcher and considered his territory as Global.
Superb historical treatment of the development of masonry heating.

The Book of Masonry Stoves represents the first comprehensive survey ever published of all the major types of masonry heating systems, ancient and modern.  Detailed plans and building information are include in the book.  As a complete introduction to masonry stoves, it will help many people rediscover the economic and personal pleasures of heating with wood - an old way of warming - using masonry stoves.   192 pages. 

Masonry Heaters
Designing, Building and Living with a Piece of the Sun
by Ken Matesz

Those who are looking to build, add onto, or remodel a house will find comprehensive and practical advice for designing and installing a masonry heater, including detailed discussion of materials, code considerations, and many photos and illustrations. While this is not a do-it-yourself guide for building a masonry heater, it provides facts every heater builder should know. Professional contractors will find this a useful tool to consult, and homeowners considering a new method of home heating will find all they need to know about masonry heaters within these pages.


The New Woodburner's Handbook:
A Guide to Safe, Healthy, and Efficient Woodburning
by Steve Bushway

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MHA member Steve Bushway has written an excellent manual on the current state of the art in wood heating,
including new technology such as masonry heaters and EPA-certified woodstoves.
160 pages softcover.




The Bread Builders
by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

efinitive work on hearth breads, including the most complete description of building a bread oven available in print.
Mandatory reading for bread fans. Extensively researched.
254 pages softcover.

Build Your Own

by Kiko Denzer

build your own earth oven by kiko denzer

Eight simple steps to a basic mud oven.  A clear  and concise manual on building an earth friendly oven that will bake your bread and pizza. 
Covers all the details and also introduces you to building with earth... all you need to know about the materials and processes.
Paperback, 7 x 10, 132 pages  $14.00                  

Introduction to Masonry Heaters
Power Point presentation on CD

by Marge Padgitt

This 62-slide presentation describes the basics of how wood-burning masonry heaters work, suggested placement in new home construction, photos of different types of masonry heaters, and more.  This presentation is designed for homeowners, builders, and for heater masons to present at trade shows or lectures.  Watch on your computer or projector. $30.00



MHA Homeowner's Manuals now available

Homeowner's Safety Manual and Burning Guide for Masonry Heaters -
3 pages
Homeowner's Safety Manual and Burning Guide for Cook Stoves and Bake Ovens -
4 pages
 Available for $7.50 (for both)

Masonry Chimney Rebuilding
by Jerry Frisch

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This is a constructive guide for the proper approach for performing masonry chimney repairs, chimney replacements and other work.  
It will help you analyze a project and determine the best way to handle it.
It is not intended as the final word in masonry work, or the only way to approach a project.  
Instead, it will provide guidance to a quality product. 
47 page bound copy. $15.00




Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Handbook
(Third Edition)   Now available...

The third edition of the Residential Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Handbook as published by the Masonry Institute of America is now available.

This in-depth resource should be considered a must-have for those involved in the construction of masonry fireplaces and masonry heaters.  This revision includes a new section addressing masonry heaters and a multitude of drawings, diagrams and photos.

The 8 1/2 x 11, 174 page handbook includes codes and energy requirements, design, specifications and construction data for residential masonry fireplaces.  $25.00


Masonry Heater Brochures
for MHA members only)

Very nice, slick 4-page brochure to give to customers.
Explains what a masonry heater is and how it works.

$20.00 per packet of 100 (minimum order)
$20.00 per packet of 100


To order one of our books or manuals:

Pay with Pay Pal by clicking on any of the "Add to Cart" buttons.  Keep adding to the cart until you are finished shopping.  You can use your Pay Pal account or any major credit card. Shipping is automatically calculated and is based on a percentage of the total. 

We do not accept checks or credit cards by mail.

Orders being shipped out of the U.S. please request total for the books you want to order BEFORE using the buy it now Pay Pal buttons. We will give you the total and then you will pay online. 

Sorry, no orders to Africa, South Africa, Mexico or China at this time.
We ship to the U.S., Canada, and Europe

E-mail Richard Smith, MHA Executive Director regarding out of country orders or questions about ordering or books.

The Book of Masonry Stoves
- $35.00
The New Woodburner's Handbook - $20.00
The Bread Builders - $32.00
Masonry Chimney Rebuilding - $15.00
Homeowner's Safety Manuals - $7.50
Build Your Own EARTH OVEN   - $14.00
Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Handbook - $25.00
MHA brochures (members only) 100 for $20.00

All Prices are US Dollars.    

 Resorces from other sites:

  The Bread Ovens of Quebec
by Lise Boily & Jean-Francois Blanchette

his unique study of the role of the bread oven in rural Quebec society also gives complete instructions on how to build a traditional outdoor bread oven. 115 pages, many illustrations.
Free Download (33 Mb)

Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
by National Fire Protection Association.
Available from Amazon Books.

Stoves for People : Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Stoves Dissemination
by Roberto Caceres.
Available from Amazon Books.

The Forgotten Art of Building and Using a Brick Bake Oven:
A Practical Guide

by Richard M. Bacon.
Available from Amazon Books. Lime Mortars Preparation and Use of Lime Mortar. An Introduction to the Principles of Using Lime Mortars
by Scottish Lime Centre.

This informative 60-page book draws together existing information on traditional lime mortars for the benefit of specifiers and craftsmen working with traditional masonry-built structures in Scotland and around the world. This is one of the most informative books ever written in the usage of traditional lime mortars. Available from Taylor Publishing and Elk River Press.



MHA News:

MHA News, Online Edition


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