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Granite and marble heater by William Davenport

Granite and marble heater by

William Davenport

Masonry heater by Dale Demary

Heater by

Dale Demary

Masonry heater by Alex Chernov

Double Bell system heater by

Alex Chernov

Limestone tile and natural stone

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser
Custom Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser
Masonry heater by Arthur ShtrevensyTUNDRA masonry heater kit by Arthur Shtrevensky

Tile heater by


Outdoor kitchen with custom bake oven by Jon Santiago and Homestead Heat
Mobile bread oven by 
Hearth & Timber
Heater by Stan Homola

Contraflow heater by

Stan Homola

Contraflow heater by Stephen Bushway

Contraflow heater with Southbay Quartzite, brick and soapstone


Stephen Bushway


masonry heater by Douglas Hargrave

Custom Tulikivi soapstone fireplace (Highlands) by

Mid-Atlantic Masonry Heat

masonry heater by Ron Pihl

Tulikivi heater by

Ron Pihl

Heater by Carsten Homstead

Double Bell heater by

Carsten Homstead

contraflow heater by Brian Klipfel

contraflow heater by

Brian Klipfel

Contraflow heater by Gimme Shelter

Contraflow heater with clay plaster finish by

Gimme Shelter

Small brick heater by Martin Palmer

Small brick heater by

Martin Palmer

pierre steatites Soapstone heater
quarried and built by

Jean-Francois Vachon /
Les Pierres
Steatites Inc.
Soapstone heater by Greenestone Co. Soapstone heater by Greenstone Heat
Contraflow heater by Max Edleson
Heater by Feuvert

Contraflow heater by


Custom soapstone masonry heater by Rod Zander

Custom soapstone heater by

Rod Zander

tulikivi by Gary Hart

Tulikivi heater by

Gary Hart

Masonry heater by Dan Givens

Envirotech heater by

Dan Givens

Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Fairbanks Alaska

tulikivi by Jaimie Paiken

Tulikivi  Custom heater by

Alaska Masonry Heat

Contraflow masonry heater by Evan Holm

Brick Contraflow heater with heated benches and rear oven by

Evan Moore

Masonry heater by John Fisher

Sandstone heater by

John Fisher

Masonry Heater by Albie Barden

Brick heater with cookstove and bake oven by

Albie Barden

Masonry Heater by Erik Nilsen

Tile contraflow heater by

Erik Nilsen

Heatkit heater by Norbert Senf

Heat-Kit heater

Norbert Senf

Brick masonry heater by Chris Springer Brick heater by

Chris Springer

Green Mountain soapstone heater by

Glenn Overk

Masonry heater by Richard Larsen

Brick Contraflow heater by

Richard Larsen

Bake oven by Pat Manley

Bake Oven, Cafe Miranda, Maine, by

Pat Manley


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