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2004 MHA Annual Meeting

April 19-25, 2004

at Wildacres Retreat,
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

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Photo Report
by Norbert Senf

See also,
Small Heater Workshop with Albie Barden
Cob Oven Workshop with Tom Trout
Soapstone Heater Workshop with Rod Zander
Hardware Fabrication Workshop with Willliam Davenport

John Zamkotowicz, David Moore and David "Worm" Thomen discuss magnesium brick tongs

Tom Trout gets the cob oven workshop started.

Albie Barden did a small heater workshop, based on 24" X 24" clay flue liners.

William Davenport did an ongoing workshop on hardware fabrication.

Rod Zander presented a custom soapstone heater workshop. It was intended as a full build with a burn, but unfortunately had to
by shortened due to a family emergency.

Joe Parris does the hands on portion of his certification test.
See more hands on certification tests.

Tim Seaton, Dan Givens, Ken Matesz and Joe Parris presented a slide show on a recent large project in Alaska.

David Moore tries out Jerry's quick-adjust magnesium brick tongs.

Contact info for the brick tongs.

Albie demonstrates a versatile new diamond cutting/grinding blade first discovered by John Fisher.
The reverse side presents a flat surface for grinding.

Pat Manley gives a presentation on his recent work in Guatemala with his Masons on a Mission. They are about to
build their 2000th cookstove, and have improved the health of thousands of Mayan women and children.
A $150 donation goes directly to the purchase of stove materials and the labor for a Mayan mason to build one stove.
You receive a nice framed photo of the family with their new stove.

Albie Barden presents a well received workshop on drafting and design skills for
stove builders.

Frank Sotero demonstrates masonry fundamentals.

Marge Padgitt presents a workshop on marketing your business.

Gene Padgitt presented a workshop on makeup air techniques and equipment for houses.

We had a very successful auction, with Pat Manley doing the honours. The event
was sparked by a donation from Marcus Flynn of rare masonry heating books and
posters from Russia and Europe to raise funds for MHA. We raised $1500.00.

Pat Manley did a backyard bakeoven workshop.
Check out Pat's previous workshop on this oven design

Perfect pizza.

The annual pizza party was a big success, with two ovens this year (no waiting).
William Davenport and Tom Trout are MHA's pizza pros.

Tom Trout and his wife Brenda.

This year, we had attendees fill out an evaluation form. Patrice Dupont and John Rousseau compiled the results and
presented them for discussion. The feedback was very valuable in helping us to design a better program for next year.

Ernst and Maria Kiesling created and donated a lovely ceramic sculpture to Wildacres in appreciation of their help to MHA over
the years. Here MHA president Jerry Frisch presents the sculpture to Wildacres manager Mike House.

The sculpture is an assembly of tiles that illustrates the Kachelofen's part in the natural carbon cycle of the earth.

Time for teardown and cleanup. We had lots of hands, and it only took a couple of hours.

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