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May 13, 2021

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Rather than giving the reason why David got this award, I think that fellow members can state it best.To read their comments, just open the link on their name:
Ron PihlDan GivensChris SpringerNorbert SenfChris Prior - President

Cookstoves with adjustable grates for continuous winter hot-water heating (Germany, 1950's)

Classic book on the buoyancy of combustion gases that led to the double bell
masonry heater design by I.S. Podgorodnikov website

Pisla 602 Door Install Details

Heatkit with oven, heated bench, hot water, and wood waiter -- New Hampshire

Running Smoke Downhill

with Lars Helbro. Wildacres 2012.

MHA Projects Page
Check out MHA's Project's Page

Double Deck Oven 

with Jon Santiago and Chris Springer

MHA Presentation at 2019 EPA Workshop at HPBA Expo



Letter from Lamppa Manufacturing to EPA

Heat From Wood Without Noxious Emissions

by Ian Cave MSc, PhD.
Sustainable Energy Forum, New Zealand, May 2016


Water Vapor Fireplace

Heater details from Eric Moshier

Schlieren photography showing air currents, including convection from body heat.
Note that masks with exhaust valves can project exhalations up to 30 feet.

Compound cut jig for dome oven construction by Chris Springer

New: Virtual Wildacres Worshop from the Austrian Tile Stove Association

"The idea for this stove came in 1999, and a team from The Austrian Tile Stove Association helped to make this stove close to perfection." ... Austrian stove master Richard Jussel.
Richard and Thomas Schiffert
visited Wildacres in 2007.This is the online premiere of the 3 hour video showing the complete build in a barn in Austria, prior to a workshop
presentation in Niger, Africa.
The language is German, but the visual presentation is complete.

The page for this workshop is linked on the newly  updated MHA Projects Page

Wildacres Happy Hour in the time of Corona Virus

Thanks to Jon Santiago for organizing. Check the MHA forum for future sessions.
photo credit: Stefan Polatschek

In Memoriam: Tom Stroud, Past President of MHA

Wildacres, 2008:Tom Stroud, Senior Manager of Codes and Standards at HPBA (Hearth Patio and Barbeque Association), gave us a well received presentation on Codes, Standards and the current regulatory climate. Tom is a former President of MHA, and also chaired the original ASTM Task Group that produced ASTM E-1602.

Tom Stroud, Jerry Frisch, Albie Barden

Check out the Powerpoints from the NESCAUM Residential Wood Smoke Workshop at 2020 HPBA Expo.TLDR: For the salient points relative to masonry heaters, check out this excerpt from John Ackerly's presentation.

The MHA Projects Page

Updated April 4, 2020

Oven building in Romania, 1942

Video 2

March16, 2020

Contraflow heater with heated bench retrofit into existing 8x8 chimney

Masonry Stove Builders

New York Times feature on Lloyd Kahn, pioneer of the green building and green architeture movements.

Cookstove Rebuild

Masonry Stove Builders

Cutting Compound Angles

by Chris Prior

History Corner:  When did the top-down burn come to North America?

Engineered HeatKit install onto a wooden floor.

Aarons Alternative Energy, Missouri

Optimization of Chimneys for Biomass Stoves

by Jason Prapas (PhD thesis, 2013)

HeatKit with facing by Owner

Custom coil system for hydronic floor heating, New Brunswick.

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