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November 30, 2018

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Members at large Boris Kukolj
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Masonry Heater News Recent Posts  2:

Tiny House Heater by David Moore

(3 minute video tour of house).  Built from Jerry Frisch's MHA Plans Portfolio corner heater plans.

Rocket fired barrel oven plans by Flemming Abrahamsson


Article by Max Edleson

Traditional Tyrolean Bakeoven and Grundofen Construction (YouTube)

Commentary in German/Austrian

New York Times, July 3/18

Outdoor Pizza Oven by Jessica Steinhauser

Andy Goldsworthy Fireplace

Cleaning Masonry Heaters 1,  2

by Gary Hart

Superior Rumford retrofit to 1950's Heatilator fireplace

Heikki Hyytiainen
Heikki Hyytiainen -- 1938 - 2018

We are sad to report that Heikki Hyytianinen passed away on May 13. Heiikki was a Finnish architect who apprenticed under Alvar Aalto, and was responsible for re-establishing masonry heater construction and use in Finland. I attended a workshop in 1981 organized by Maine Wood Heat Co., where Heiiki taught us how to build Finnish contraflow heaters, and changed my career path. We were fortunate to have Heikki attend Wildacres in 2017.
The photo was sent by his daughter Helena, and shows Heikki at an Aalto exhibit last August.

MHA Donors List

MHA Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the generosity of  people and businesses that donated items to MHA.  Your contributions are important for the MHA to fulfil the association’s Mission Statement.
Thank you for your support!

Cool video on how to do clay plaster with a waxed mirror finish

Jerry Frisch: Items for Sale

Fyro Stove

Russian children's stove-themed art competition

Check out this innovative self-regulating air valve from New Zealand

Ben Myren has been doing extensive testing and tuning on the VcV valve stove

NYS Chimney Sweep Guild Summer Workshop

Heat-Kit by Boreal Heat (Jeremiah Church), Oregon

Masonry Heater Performance Calculator

by Borst Enginneering & Construction LLC
Note: this is an early draft, and feedback is welcomed
MHA member Boreal Heat (Jeremiah Church) recently built a Heatkit contraflow heater for this client's new low energy house in Oregon.

Contraflow Core in East Flanders, Belgium

by Marcus Flynn

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott is on the MHA technical committee

Advanced Double Bell Heater with Heated Curved Wall and Bench

Wildacres 2018

See also: Construction of a Bongard oven

Japanese style wood shed

Double Deck oven with Jon Santiago and Chris Springer, Wildacres 2018

Stairwell, Basilica of St. Lawrence. Asheville NC

Testing the Austrian eco-labelled combustion chamber

Presentation at Wildacres 2018. Photo credit: Steve Bushway

Pizza Party!

MHA presentation at NCSG Portland

Wildacres 2018 People Pictures by Stefan Polatschek

Download 2018 MHA Meeting Events

Update by Marcus Flynn

Automated Condar Controller

We'll be doing a trial run of MHA's new automated particulate (PM) emissions testing setup
at Wildacres next week.

We will use it to evaluate stoves at the Fourth Stove Design Challenge, November 9-14, 2018
happening on The Mall in Washington D.C.

Biochar Slide Show

Flame Carbonizers for Biochar in Practice and Theory

Ecobox video

Masonry Stove Builders, daily house fire, 5:00 PM, March 16/18

Kuznetstov designed stove by Evgeny Zinoview

MHA tech committee member Crispin Pemberton-Pigott is engaged in a
clean burning coal stove program for Ulan Bator, funded by the World Bank.

MHA Presentation to Regulators at HPBA Expo, Nashville, March 6/18

Boris Kukolj is North American head of Tulikivi, and MHA Technical Committee member.
His presentation was well received and helped to inform regulators about the specifics of masonry heaters

Double Bell Plaster Heater by Carsten Homsted

New York Times

Check out MHA's new animated video explaining how masonry heaters work

Double Load

122 lbs total

Custom round Tulikivi

Video tour through stove channels

ASSOCOSMA, Masonry Heater Association of Italy.

Double Bell video

By Igor Kiznetsov

Heated bench discussion

Modifications to the MHA Research Heater

Heat exchanger is reconfigured from parallel downdrafting to serial

Double Bell Design from the MHA Workshop/Portfolio

Report from Martin Ruzicka

MHA Lab progress report  18/01/17

Oregon's Woodstove Certification Program (1985)

The grand-daddy that started it all
Still amazingly relevant to understanding what is currently going on.

Heakit with front white oven

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Minimum chimney height 

Example is for a zero clearance fireplace with a n 18"h X 26"w opening

TLUD-Biochar Ecology

200 year old Anagama kiln, Okinawa

Image credit: Karl Fodor

MHA Lab progress report  17/11/23

Cookstove and Kachelofen with bench, one chimney

by Jessica Steinhauser

If you haven't ordered one of these yet, what's stopping you?

MHA will be at the 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge

- testing the stoves
- demonstrating a masonry heater

Best Technical Articles and Discussions

check out the revamped page!

Outside Combustion Air Supply

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders.

New batch rocket idea by Peter van den Berg

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

 New round Kachelofen, designed with daisy motif, clients' favourite flower and family crest. The rope pattern represents the location right next to the Atlantic on the east coast of north America.

Boilers and their Piping

Also check out MHA's recent emissions research

Beijing Style!

MHA Technical Committee member
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott  designed the stoves 
in this project.

PM reduction of "over 90%" is actually closer to 99% (!)

Chimney details (click for larger version)

Kuznetsov stove in Poland

Household Stove Systems, their features and differences

by Igor Kuznetsov

MHA Fall Newsletter

Kuznetstov in Italy

Flat arch by Boreal Heat and Firespeaking

Adventures in Stove Testing

by Norbert Senf

Updated August 18, 2017

Locally made plastic refractories

by Crispin Pemberton-Pigtott
reporting from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Household stove systems, their features and differences

by Igor Kuznetsov

Russian Bania (steam sauna) Workshop with Alex Chernov

Design of this heater is based on Igor Kuznetsov's  highly successful NovPar Russian steam sauna stove concept (  ).
Firebox is of Alex Chernov's design, which is different from Igor's version. Invisible on the drawings is a steel box, holding rocks, which is suspended above the firebox. The box is supported by its collar resting on the firebricks along the firebox perimeter.

Check back for photo report.           

Cooking complex by Andrey Makarov (via Facebook)

Boris Kukolj visits MHA Lab

Boris volunteers as an elected MHA Board member, as well as a tech committee member.
He visited the lab as part of a 2 week heater-related road trip from British Columbia.

Perth Dry Stone Festival

Perth ON, July 22-24

Chimney connector for pizza oven

Aki Yoshimizu

MHA Newsletter, July 19/16

Stainless door and hood

for portable ovens
by Jon Santiago and Jeremiah Church

TLUD Firepit

Custom ceramic stove, Austrian Eco-Labelled firebox - Transylvania

by Nagy Zoltan and Korompai Peter


Interesting oven thermocouple setup

Fireplace by Andrew Grzadziel

Biochar in Japan

Makoto Ogawa recalls a lifetime of work on biochar, fungi, and plant growth interaction
the Biochar Journal 2016, Arbaz, Switzerland

Published by the David Suzuki Institute, 2016
This will become a big trend in woodburning - read this book and learn why (ed.)
below are photos of 500 lb of biochar I made last winter, using the Austrian eco-labelled firebox spec. for a retrofit firebox

Heat-Kit Assembly Video

2002. First time online.

Workshop with Igor Kuznetsov

Dvurechensk, Russia -- August 14 - 28, 2016

Wood-fired oven complex for a Persian supermarket:

6x7ft vaulted oven and 7ft diameter dome oven

Designed by Alex Chernov.
Built by Stovemaster Ltd with help of John Davies, Matthew Fraud and Joshua McGee

Russian Steam Sauna Heater Workshop

with Alex Chernov
Caledon, ON  -- August 11 -14, 2016

Interesting Bake Oven Hearth Material Discussion

Yahoo MHA members list

Erik Nilsen and Marcus Flynn

Matzoh Oven, Brooklyn NY. The matzohs take about 10 seconds to bake. Click for video clip

The oven ceiling is at 1600F. It is fired with wood and coal. Video clip.

Montreal matzoh oven rebuild

Grill Like the Chefs: Throw Everything Onto the Fire

New York Times, May 25/16

white oven in stanbridge east
White Oven in Stanbridge East, Quebec

by Marcus Flynn

The Weingarten Water Heater Collection

Check out some interesting "new" concepts

Skip Barnett, Inventor of the Condar Portable Dilution Tunnel

3 day course on emissions testing, organized by OMNI for MHA in 1991
download a transcript

Traditional Tyrolean Stubenofen

with Stephan Polatschek and Eric Moshier, Wildacres 2016

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

Lloydminster, Alberta
Link to Facebook album 

Maple Syrup Evaporators

by Marcus Flynn

History of the  Top Down Burn

Photo report on combination Double Bell / Priorfire Fireplace workshop, Wildacres 2016 

Cabin Cookstove/Heater Workshop with Eric Moshier

May 4 - 6, 2016, North House Folk School, Minnesota


Pat Manley Brick Pizza Oven 

Katie Wyers is Chef at Taliesin, the Frank Loyd Wright School of Architecture in Wisconsin.
She had asked MHA member Lew Lama about building a wood fired oven, and decided to drive down with him to attend Pat Manley's workshop, after Lew had recommended reading Richard Miscovitch's "From the Wood-Fired Oven"

See most recent update (March 20/16)

Wildacres 2016 - Schedule of Events

Wildacres 2016 - Registration List

March newsletter with Wildacres update

An Investigation of the Variability of Particulate Emissions from Woodstoves in New Zealand

G. Colson, R. Bian and E. Somervell, in Aerosol and Air Quality Research, November 2015

Round Robin Test of a Wood Stove -
The influence of standards, test procedures and calculation procedures on the emission level

Skreiberg et al., Biomass and Bioenergy, 1997

How much heat is there in one pound of wood?

by Sam Foote, P.E.
from MHA News, 1992 (print edition)

O.S.H.A. Silica Final Rule Released

Wildacres Heater Testing Workshop

Short single bell heater, designed by Homestead Heat

EPA's Original Proposals re Calculated Heaters

From the 2013 EPA draft NSPS proposal, which served as the basis for MHA's comments

MHA Technical Committee Action Plan 2015 - 2016
April 23, 2015

Report from Pat Manley, Mar 16/16

12 Day Stove Workshop in Poland, May 15 - 27, 2016

With Igor Kuznetsov.
Organised by the Polish Stove Builders' Association

Emissions Testing Basics

MHA Technical Committee

Biomass Combustor Efficiency

Biomass Combustion Institute

International Cookstove Testing Standards

in Environmental Science and Technology

Report from Damien Lehman, AFPMA-Tech

more real time burn rate measurements in a masonry heater
via MHA-tech list

The Definitive Guide to EPA's New Source Performance Standards for New Wood Heaters 2015


Measuring real time burn rate in a masonry heater

Damien Lehmann (AFPMA, Masonry Heater Association of France)

Fireplace/Cooking Complex by Igor Kuznetsov

Results of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Woodstove Retrofit Challenge

Chimney Connection #16

Marcus Flynn

How to build an outdoor kitchen

by Henrik Lepel

Principles of Deep Energy Retrofits: Homes & Buildings

Marc Rosenbaum, P.E.

Wildacrest 2016 combustion testing workshop

preliminary design by MHA tech committee member Carsten Homstead
Check out last year's testing workshop

Harbison Walker 2005 Refractory Handbook

Thanks to Dave Wilcox for the link

North American Contraflow Firing Instructions

by Marcus Flynn

The Cabin Stove

by Firespeaking

Arthur Brown, "Fire"

Thanks to Marcus Flynn for the video flashback to 1968

Lepuschenko stove after 34 years

brief report by Mark Seymour

MHA Research Heater, Jan 19/16

Lab setup is progressing, and preliminary testing is expected to start within a week.

Download the January MHA Newsletter

Designing a thermal shock resistant clay mix

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott et al

Blowing Smoke
Why improved cookstove performance tests are mostly hot air

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott et al.
Principal Technical Advisor, Sustainable Energy Technology Research Center (SeTAR), University of Johannesburg, South Africa

      Eco Firebox by Boris Kukolj

Download a Free Residential Heat Loss Calculator (Excel)

developed by Marc Rosenbaum, PE,  for use in his "Zero Net Energy Homes" course
offered through NESEA's Building Energy Masters Series.

5 Most Popular Workshops from the 
MHA Projects Page

1.) - Backyard Oven Workshop with Peter Moore

2.) - French Bake Oven Workshop with Norbert Senf

3.) - Small Commercial Pizza Oven Workshop with Pat Manley

4.) - Easy to Build Experimental Oven with Alex Chernov

5.) - Cob Oven Workshop with Tom Trout

Contraflow-bell hybrid with cookstove -  Marian Ozabal, Slovakia

Submitted by Marcus Flynn

Chimney connection #15

Marcus Flynn

The difference between North American and European efficiency calculations

Rick Curkeet, PE, Intertek

Progress report on MHA's new research heater

MHA Technical Committee, Dec 15/15
Background, updated Dec 29/15

Intelligent Heat System - High Energy Efficient Wood Stoves with Low Emissions

Jytte Illerup, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Chemical Engineering, Denmark

Heater by Max Edleson. Local newspaper article on masonry heaters

Brick cooker, Kyrgystan

Submitted by Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, who is on the MHA tech committee.

Woodstock Soapstone hybrid stove cold start test  (includes video)

2-1/8" thick oven dome by Jon Santiago

By Firespeaking

J-loop 22" heater core with 10' heated bench, for ski lodge, Hakuba Japan. Mason: Aki Yoshimizu

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

Outside air installation for eco-firebox, using airtight gasketed damper

Interesting retrofit chimney installation discussion

Yahoo MHA members list

European Wood Heating Technology Survey

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

New Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

Building MHA's new research heater, aiming for EPA certification

MHA members Tom Marcantonio, Mark Seymour, Alex Chernov and Norbert Senf
(also: Darrel Delisle, Matt Anderson, Marco)

Contraflow corner heater by Stephen Bushway

Martha's Vineyard

Check out the entries in the 2016 Pellet Stove Design Challenge

Double Bell fireplace by Stovemaster

Resistance coefficients for duct elbows

from Damien Lehmann

Counterflow example

from Damien Lehmann

After Volkswagen Revelations, Auto Emissions Tests Come Under Global Scrutiny

The New York Times, Sep 24/15

OMAFRA Advanced Boiler Testing

MHA's Lopez Labs (Shawville) is sharing resources with
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture's advanced boiler testing
project. Terrence Sauve is an engineer with the ministry, who
I met at the Ontario Stove Testing Camp.

Repair details 24 years later

by Marcus Flynn

Handbuilt corner contraflow heater 22"
Handbuilt 22" corner contraflow heater core

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

International Residential Code (IRC) changes door requirements for fireplaces

Interesting new stove development

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Reused clay brick c. 1900 and concrete floor tile, c 1920.

Heater by MHA member Anna Ledford

Laboratory and field investigations of PM and CO emissions from traditional
and improved cookstoves

Christoph Roden, Tami Bond et al, 2008

Relationship of Visible Smoke and Particulate Emissions

Environment Canterbury Regional Council, New Zealand, 2014

Fantastic list of technical links

Via Allan Turner (facebook)

Small Biomass Boiler Factsheet

by Terrence Sauve
Terrence is a PE who attended the recent Ontario stove testing workshop

Ontario Stove Testing Camp, July 9-10, Kingston ON

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott was the presenter. 

Development of a Low Smoke Mongolian Coal Stove

by Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, 2011

Basic Operating Parameters of a Natural Draft, Top-Lit Updraft Gasifier (ND-TLUD)
by Julien P. Winter (2015)
Julien is a soil scientist who participated in the recent Ontario Stove Testing Camp

MHA member Red Clay Construction, Prince Edward Island

Plaster by Syuhei Hasado

Fascinating video on the role of charcoal in Japanese culture

Origins of EPA Method 5 and the Condar

by Dr. Stockton Barnett, 1985

The Clean Warmth of an Engineered, Regulated Fire

Companies and organizations speak out about U.S. EPA’s new source performance standards for residential wood-fired appliances.
- Biomass magazine

See also: New high mass brick oven by Eric Moshier

Tulikivi petitions EPA for reconsideration

Contraflow Kachelofen by Raivo Koppel

Contraflow Heater by Marcus Flynn

Wakefield, Quebec

HPBA files lawsuit against EPA

Outdoor kitchen by Carsten Homstead and Jon Santiago

Biomass 101

Fireplace retrofit by Damien Lehmann

Interesting pizza oven comments from Bob Ciciora

from the MHA Members Yahoo list

Heater by Pal Szentgròti, Hungary

Pal studied with Lars Helbro

Ontario Stove Testing Camp

July 9 - 10, 2015
Odessa, Ontario

eco firebox by Carsten Homstead
Eco firebox by Carsten Homstead

"...Eco firebox with custom door air frame.
Tight sealing Ortner cable controlled air intake damper located in the basement for easy access and connection to the outside if necessary.
Pull it open, light a fire and push it closed within the coal phase.
Doesn't get any easier unless you automate..."

Summer masonry heater workshops with Eric Moshier

Rocket stove workshop with Andrew Brunning

MHA Technical Committee Report

March 19, 2015

MHA Technical Committee Action Plan 2015 - 2016

April 23, 2015

Firetube demo

Wildacres 2015 photo report

MHA Offers Hands-On Classes on Masonry Heaters
Find the class closest to you.
HMED class can be used as one of the necessary prerequisites to become a Certified Heater Mason

48" dome oven, using #1 tapers

with Marty Pearson

Wildacres Videos

By Joe Janowski

Cold smoker (masonry cooler) with Chris Prior

at Wildacres 2015

Rocket stove workshop with Peter van den Berg

Updated on Apr 27 with additional comments by Peter.

Workshop with Igor Kuznetsov in Russia, June 20--29, 2015

Time lapse video
of Eco Firebox by MHA Tech Committee member Carsten Homstead

Schedule of Events for MHA Annual Meeting at Wildacres, 2015

Current List of Registered Attendees for Wildacres 2015
Frequently Asked Questions About the Annual Meeting

The birthplace of pizza

Guelard style 6'x6' oven with external firebox

by Alex Chernov
Oven can also be directly fired

Cookstove by Jessica Steinhauser

Cambrils, Spain

See a seminar with Alan, that he presented at MHA in 1995

Bakeoven vault in Sketchup

Learn how -- Sketchup clinic at Wildacres

Heater Building Mission to Ukraine

 (click here for video)

Concrete faced heater with cookstove - construction sequence

In the style of Marcus Flynn

Commercial biomass combined power and biochar project

Biomass magazine

masonry heater by thermass
Masonry heater video by MHA member Thermas

New NSPS Regulation

Official text as published in the Federal Register, May 16, 2015

masonry heater details via Boris Kukolj

reply to press inquiry (Norbert Senf)

EPA approves new woodstove emissions standards (newspaper article)

Vertical panel BTU chart

Two bell rocket stove mass heater

Computer simulation by Martin Karl Waldenburg, Germany

Also be sure to check out this simulation

Mixed Convection in Vertical Ducts

Nicolas Galanis and Amin Behzadmehr

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Hand built North American style Contraflow by Marcus Flynn

Reefton, Victoria, Australia. Finish work by owner.

Vertical stacking with the eco-labelled firebox

Lopez Labs Co-Operative

New Japanese Masonry Heater website

by MHA Associate Member Aki Yoshimizu - English version should be online soon

My cat likes hot rocks

Carsten Homstead

Heater comparison testing at Ortner Company, in Austria

by Alex Chernov

Energy Independent

Off grid couple changes out a boiler for a Tulikivi

Finnish research into firebox sidewall air

1991 - 2000 Field testing of Kacheloefen in Austria

Good article on the proper way to measure wood moisture in the field


Residential Heating with Wood and Coal - health impacts and policy options in Europe and North America

World Health Organization

Impressive study that really pulls a lot of information together from both North America and Europe and provides a very good perspective on the health issues and policy implications regarding wood smoke..... ed.

Options for Reducing Woodsmoke

Download Powerpoint presentation presented to Utah state and county officials
by Alliance for Green Heat
February 24, 2015

Masonry Heater in Ireland

by Hendrik Lepel

Kachelofen with black pizza oven, by Jessica Steinhauser and Mario Zauner

Vail, Colorado. Firechamber meeting Austrian "Umwelt Plus" spec.

Eco Firebox testing in France

Making traditional Kyrgyz Tandyr Ovens

Tile finished heater by Stan Homola

Roseburg, Oregon 2003

Improvements in Austrian wood fired boiler emissions 1980 - 2004  (carbon monoxide emissions)

Black oven - freestanding or as insert into heater.

Mobile kitchen. Samarkand, Uzbekistan  (via Facebook)

Kachelgrundofen in Guelph, ON by Jessica Steinhauser and Mario Zauner

Cookstove Eco-firebox

Wood Combustion Basics

Rick Curkeet, Chief Engineer, Intertek

Custom heated bench layout for client's mason - Sketchup

- stacked heaters, wood storage to the left with bench in front
- 3D model communicates more information than architectural plan drawings.

Report on the performance of a 2 storey heater

by Alex Chernov

New law opens possibilities for those who want to heat with wood

Montreal Gazette

Heater by John Fisher

Glade, British Columbia
The water coil shown is reported to easily handle household hot water needs

Chimney Connection #14

by Marcus Flynn

Installing the Bayshore Community Oven

John McDougall prefabricated the oven at his shop.
Link to Facebook album

Masons on a Mission

Lighting a match

Bakeoven by MHA member Aki Yoshimizu

Roots Cafe, Nagano Japan

News from Firespeaking

Heater by Marcus Flynn

Cantley, Quebec. Recycled bricks from 1910.

Free 3D Sketchup Models of Masonry Details

From the International Masonry Institute
Models can be downloaded at the 3D Warehouse (registration required)

Comparison of 8 Cold Climate Passive House Envelopes

Home Energy magazine

John McDougall, oven builder, and Mete Pamir, community organizer with 
the first community oven in Ottawa, Canada

Retrofitting an Austrian eco-firebox.

Bake oven by Max Edleson

In the style of Alex Chernov and Marcus Flynn

Custom refractory casting for connecting a contraflow  heater to an 8" stainless chimney liner.
(Masonry Stove Builders)

Single skin heater workshop with Alex Chernov

Blue Quills First Nations College, St. Paul Alberta

Photo report from the Woodstove Design Challenge

Contraflow heaters and cookstoves by Slovak stove-builder Marian Ozabal

Submitted by Marcus Flynn

Images from the 2014 Collaborative Stove Design Workshop
at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Bakeoven with side air

Built by Homestead Heat in collaboration with Jon Santiago and Jeremiah Church

Castable Refractory Concrete - Observations 20 years later

by Marcus Flynn

Contraflow heater, Passivhaus 

Mansfield, Ontario
Heatkit core. Limestone finish work by Stovemaster

Details of Austrian Eco-labelled air system

Sketchup heater update

Contraflow heater by Feu Vert

St. Irene, Quebec.
Bake oven, three flue chimney, heated bench. 
Black granite with 3 different finishes - flamed, polished and honed.

Visit at Marcus Flynn's house

with Aki Yoshimizu and Norbert Senf.

MHA issues timeline for development of masonry heater certification software

HMED Workshop, Perth ON Sep 11 - 14, 2014

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn with Heatkit core
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Recycled Ormstown brick with Rose Arc en Ciel sandstone trim

Outdoor bake oven by Marcus Flynn
Exterior oven built in the style of Stovemaster

by Marcus Flynn

Facebook update from Hendrik Lepel

Slide from EPA presentation at AWMA conference in Montana August 7/14

"read the tea leaves"

Could you get a 65% annual return from a wood-burning boiler?

The Telegraph

bake oven by Steve Cohan
Bake Oven by Steve Cohan

Contraflow masonry heater by Marcus Flynn
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Reclaimed brick from 1900

Mobile pizza oven by Dave Wilcox
Mobile pizza oven by Dave Wilcox
NY commits $27 million to build wood heat industry

Wall Street Journal

On a recent motorcycle trip around the Gaspé penninsula, former MHA President Steve Bushway
presented Marcus Flynn with a ‘Certified Heater Builder’ pin at his home in Quebec

Stoves Competing for Spots in the Stove Design Workshop

Alliance for Green Heat announce entries

EPA Bolsters legal case for NSPS with new data

Alliance for Green Heat

Quebec offers 20% tax credit on masonry heaters.

Thanks to Marcus Flynn for the link

Russian TV kitchen

via Facebook

Greenhouse heater

by Max Edleson and Kiko Denzer

Fire Threat turns Energy Asset

Biomass magazine

From Facebook: Posted by Andrew Musiyaka

MHA Adds vBulletin Forums to website

Check it out

Cordwood Testing in a Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

Brookhaven National Laboratory, June 20, 2014

Wood Stove Politics: Democrats, Republicans and Unlikely Bedfellows

Biomass Magazine

Official MHA Submission of Comments to EPA regarding NSPS

Wildacres 2014 Report - (draft - updated on May 16)

MHA Heater Mason Training - - Schedule for 2014

Masonry heater hot water workshop with Joe Copeland, Eric Moshier and Dan Givens

Eco-labelled firebox testing update

from Boris Kukolj

First Masonry Stove in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka pref., Japan

Martin Pearson, Jessica Steinhäuser, Brian Klipfel, Aki Yoshimizu and Kada Yuichi in Ito-shi, Japan.

Contraflow masonry heater by Marcus Flynn
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Asquith, Saskatchewan

Fireplace Retrofit by Masonry Stove Builders
Fireplace Retrofit

by Norbert Senf and Mike Payne

May 19/14: Alex Chernov (center) with Paul and Stefan Polatchek, at the ORTNER test facility in Austria.
They are building a triple skin and a double bell heater, to directly compare performance.

Pizza oven, Dalat Vietnam, sent by Tom Trout

Click for details

2014 Attendee list

MHA Annual Meeting Agenda - April 14 -20, 2014

Check out last year's meeting

Testing the Austrian Eco-firebox

Updated April 12/14 with 18 additional runs by Homestead Heat

Click for more

Masons on a Mission
Masons on a Mission

MHA asked to help build a heater on a Navaho reservation

Front row: Alex Larsen, Matt Helicke and Martin Palmer

Muskoka Kachelofen with acorn motif by Jessica Steinhauser

Heat Kit heater by Martin Palmer
Contraflow heater by Martin Palmer and Tim Murphy, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

EPA Releases Proposed New Regulation, which includes Masonry Heaters

Masonry Heater Summary

John Ackerly, via Facebook

Observations 18 Years Later #2

by Marcus Flynn

Woodstove could save the world

Popular Mechanics

Renewable Heat NY funds 18 woody biomass projects

Biomass magazine

Measuring particulate emissions on a pellet stove with the Testo 380

(in German)

Heater build in Australia

by Marcus Flynn

The particulate emissions from all of the masonry heaters built in the U.S. in one year (about 500) equals the emissions from about 5 outdoor boilers.  The above photo demonstrates exactly why.
Based on data from the recent NYSERDA boiler field study, and research at MHA's Lopez Labs,  
Photo is from a great U.S. Forest Service article explaining NSPS

OMNI comparison data for the Condar portable dilution tunnel

This portable sampler is used by MHA's Lopez Labs
Correlation with EPA Method 5G-3 over 11 runs is fantastic!

White birch crib igniting from the side, shot at 240 frames per second.

Check out run HK-M16 - a white birch crib with side ignition and extensive video documentation

Maine Sunday Herald

Running a masonry heater emissions test

Lopez Labs instructional video - thanks to Jon Santiago for the camera work.

Masonry Heater testing at Lopez Labs
Fuel Crib testing at Lopez Labs

Updated February 3/14

Slow motion gas explosion video - mesmerizing

Update from Japan

by Aki Yoshimizu

Contraflow core with Tulikivi soapstone custom bench

Warmstone Fireplaces & Designs, Montana

Project in Vogues, France

by Marcus Flynn

Rocket Powered Kiln of Clay and Sawdust

by Kiko Denzer

Hybrid Oven

by Max Edleson

Kachelofen and Cook Stove by Jessica Steinhauser   (via Facebook)

Pisla HTT 602 door retrofit

NSPS: The Devil's in the Details

Biomass Magazine

Click for current MHA Newsletter

Gary is a P.E., an MHA Voting Member, and a partner in CrossFire Fireplaces

(Via Google Translate)

Biomass Magazine article

Wood Stove Decathlon
Testing Observations at the Wood Stove Decathlon

Particulate Sampling Comparison Testing at Brookhaven National Laboratory

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