Heater Mason Education and Development Program (HMED)

The Heater Mason Education and Development Program (HMED) has proven to be an
excellent tool to learn more about masonry heaters. The curriculum is designed as an
introductory course for masons or homeowners who want to know more about the
heating appliance.

MHA has included the HMED class in the certification program . By taking the course
( Level 1, Modules 1 & 2) , it may be used as one of the needed “professional”
credentials. The class can also be used by certified heater builders as continued
education credit(s).

Instructors are certified heater builders and have served as an assistant to be eligible
to teach the class. Instructors are compensated for their time and we are always
looking for more instructors. Certified heater builders, please consider joining your
fellow MHA certified heater builders and become an instructor in HMED program . Phone
the office for more details.

If you are interested in learning more about masonry heaters or building them , this
class is a one-of-a-kind and made for you.

The program is designed to:
* Provide an education program that starts with basic information and skills t raining.
* Provide a standard curriculum that will be delivered in facilities throughout North America.
* Provide opportunities to earn continued education credits for various certification programs
* Promote safe building practices for everyone interested in building masonry heaters.
* Establish a training system that is specific to North America.

MHA’s HMED program provides an excellent opportunity for someone to learn the basic
theory and construction of a masonry heater, a necessary step before taking on the
task of building masonry heaters. The program was developed due to increasing
interest in Masonry Heaters as an alternative method to heat homes.

Classes are currently scheduled for:

  • No classes are currently scheduled. ┬áThe MHA Education Committee is currently developing an on-line curriculum to provide an initial educational step into the masonry heater building trade.

$800 for MHA members
$900 for non MHA members
For more information or to register please contact the MHA office.

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