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July 9, 2018

Masonry Heaters

Glossary of Masonry Heater terms

by Marcus Flynn

List of Wildacres Bake Oven and Heater Workshops

Cleaning Masonry Heaters 1,  2

by Gary Hart

Low Cost Masonry Heaters - Tips from a Heater Builder

by Alex Chernov

Marcus Flynn core
Refractory Core Construction Sequence

by Marcus Flynn

Double bell heater by William Davenport
Double Bell Heater/Fireplace combo

by William Davenport and Antoine Guerlain

CAD model
Alaska Fireplace Retrofit Project

Cold Climate Housing Research Center


Comparative testing of Double-Bell heat-exchange system and Ortner
KMS channel-style heat-exchange system at Ortner GmbH, Austria, 2014

lopez graphic
Summary of 103 Masonry Heater Tests

Lopez Labs Co-Operative

So you finally bought a Combustion Analyzer!

by Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Combustion Analysis

very informative website

Short Course on Masonry Heater Emissions Testing Methods and Combustion Design

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Portland Oregon, October 24-25, 1991

Oregon's Woodstove Certification Program (1985)

The grand-daddy that started it all
Still amazingly relevant to understanding what is currently going on.

Can a Masonry Heater be 90% Efficient?

Short answer: No
Here's why

Test Results from Austria (1991)

reprinted from MHA News, 1993

Recent Testing at Lopez Labs

A Conversation about Wood Smoke from Masonry Heaters, and Results from Testing

with Norbert Senf, Alex Chernov, and Tony Biundo

Summary Report of the In Home Emissions and Efficiency Performance of Five Commercially Available Masonry Heaters

Stockton G. Barnett
Omni Environmental Services
(Draft) April 15, 1992

Burning pellets in a masonry heater

by Norbert Senf


Dry Stone Veneer with Alex Chernov
How To - - Easier Dry Stone Facings

by Alex Chernov


Tips and tricks from William Davenport on the shiner facing method
he has developed

More on the Shiner Facing Method

by Norbert Senf

Strategies for preventing hairline cracking in the heater face

A lively round table discussion

Expansion Gasket Between Core and Facing

by Marcus Flynn

Jack Arch Construction Sequence

by Marcus Flynn

Concrete panel heater

by William Davenport

Easy Chamfered Corner on a Heated Bench

by Norbert Senf


List of Wildacres Bake Oven and Heater Workshops

white oven
White Upper Chamber Bakeoven

by Marcus Flynn

Bagel Oven by Alex Chernov
Montreal Style Bagel Oven by MHA Member Alex Chernov

Toronto, December 2008

Bake Oven Lighting Discussion

alex chernov fireplace/oven
Bake Oven / Fireplace Combination

by Alex Chernov

Hot Water

Experimental Masonry Hydronic Heating Workshop

with Alex Chernov

Basics for the Design of Wood Burning Masonry Boilers

by Igor Kuznetsov

Water heating experiments

by William Davenport

Can your heater heat my house, my hot water
and my hydronic floor ?

by Norbert Senf


Interesting retrofit chimney discussion

Yahoo MHA members list

Heater Chimney Options

by Doug Hren

chimney connection by Marcus Flynn
Connecting to an existing remote chimney

by Marcus Flynn

Connecting an ICC metal chimney to an 8x12 masonry chimney

by Norbert Senf


Discussion on Foundation Clearances

with Norbert Senf, Marcus Flynn, Dave Misiuk, William Davenport, Dan Pike, Alex Chernov

Foundation - Single Flue Chimney

Marcus Flynn

Foundation - Double Flue Chimney

Marcus Flynn


Harbison Walker 2005 Refractory Handbook

Firebricks - High Duty vs. Low Duty - which is better?

a discussion from the Yahoo MHAmembers list

Refractory mortar and its use in core construction

by Marcus Flynn

Using Castable Concrete in the Field

by Marcus Flynn


an interesting report from Marcus Flynn

Observations 5 Years Later

by Marcus Flynn

Observations 8 Years Later

by Marcus Flynn

Observations 28 Years Later

by Norbert Senf

firebox rebuild
Rebuilding a Firebox on a 17 year old Heater

by Norbert Senf


Wood Combustion Basics

by Rick Curkeet, Chief Engineer, Intertek

Lopez Labs Archive

Masonry heater combustion technical information

Calculating Energy Efficiency Using a Chemical Mass Balance Method

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Wood Heating and Energy Literacy

John Gulland

Short Course on Masonry Heating Systems

by Norbert Senf

European Wood-Heating Technology Survey


High Performance Masonry Heating

Steve Bushway

Design and Operating Factors which affect Emissions from Residential Wood-Fired Heaters: Review and Update

Paul Tiegs, OMNI Environmental Services

Air Emissions from Residential Heating: The Wood Heating Option Put into Environmental Perspective

Jim Houck, Paul Tiegs, et al

The Flow of Gases in Furnaces (1923)

W.E Groume-Grjimailo
complete text, 399 pages

Presentation of Free gas movement system as interpreted by I. V. Kuznetsov

Powerpoint presentation

Design, Construction and Performance of Stick-Wood Fired Furnace

by Professor Richard Hill, University of Maine, 1979
(The original Rocket Stove - NS)

Air System Discussion

with Alex Chernov

R-2000 Makeup Air Guidelines

Canadian Home Builders' Association, April 1993

A Design Tool for Wood Fired Storage Appliances

Zweifel et al

Building Simulation 2005 Conference, Montreal

Defining Masonry Heaters - A Discussion Paper

Norbert Senf, 1997

The Dynamics of Domestic Open Fires

by Prof. P.O. Rosin, 1939

Duct Flow Resistance Coefficients

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