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2015 MHA Annual Meeting

3' X 4' cold smoker (masonry cooler)

with Chris Prior

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Firebox is to the left.
Heat exchange section is to the right.
The purpose of the heat exchange section is to cool the smoke.
The smoke should be kept below 100F, which is the melting point of cheese.

Capping off the heat exchange section.

The smoking chamber.

Jeff Owens and crew slam up the facing, Detroit style.
Note that Jeffrey's white turtleneck remains spotless throughout.

Chimney exit from the smoking chamber can be seen at top.
Chimney exit from firebox is below.


Stainless trays from Home Depot are $7.00 apiece. A system of staggered bolts make legs that allow them to be stacked.

Awesome smoked raw wild salmon. Check out the rest of the party.

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