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Article Archive

Heater Workshop Announcement

Maine Wood Heat
April 13-15, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Cookstove with Ceramic Glass Top

Raivo and Kerri Koppel

Eric Moshier workshop
Heater Workshop with Eric Moshier

Grand Marais, Minnesota, February 25 - March 1, 2010

Clay ball
Handmade clay ball

Tom Trout

Jeff Owens oven
Family celebrates winter with 'fire and ice' parties

MHA member Jeff Owens and family are featured in Detroit paper
The News-Herald

Tom Trout in Japan
Report From Japan

by Hikari Fukazawa

Bake oven by Alex Chernov
Thinking Outside the Dome

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Anjou, France

Shifting Soil Threatens Homes' Foundations

New York Times, March 4/10

5-run heater
Wildacres 2010 Workshop - 5 Run Heater

A Dialogue with Joel - How and why he learned to burn wood better

cook stove emissions
A laboratory comparison of the global warming impact of five major types of biomass cooking stoves

Aprovecho Research Center

Biomass Stoves: Engineering Design, Development, and Dissemination

by Samuel Baldiwin
download this classic text from 1986. 247 pages

Heater by Unibuild, Estonia
White Tile See-Through Contraflow Heater

by Raivo and Kerri Koppel, Estonia

small double bell heater
24"x24" Simple Single Bell Heater Workshop with Alex Chernov

Heater design is based on Igor Kuznetsov''s "2x2 bricks" heater.
Wildacres 2010

Agenda for Wildacres 2010 (Draft)

Guastavino house
Guastavino's house on Long Island is for sale

Thanks to Antoine Guerlain for the link

oven by Pat Manley
Backyard Bakeoven at Pat Manley's house

clay and sand

Wood Smoke Emissions Reductions Through Public Education

by John Gulland

masons on a mission
Building stoves in Guatemala

Steve Bushway just returned from helping Masons on a Missions build cookstoves in Guatemala
photo credit: William Babb

masons on a mission
MHA Member Marty Pearson working on a stove in Guatemala this winter

Wildacres Retreat
Wildacres Retreat

MHA 2010 Masonry Heater and Bake Oven Design Contest

Strategies for Reducing Residential Wood Smoke

US-EPA, October 2009

After 20 Years U.S. EPA Revisits the Wood Stove Program

by John Gulland

Bake oven by Antoine Guerlain
New Brick Oven in Asheville, North Carolina

built by MHA member Antoine Guerlain

Downdrafting Kachelofen

by Gast

Flue pipe installation rules

Heater Chimney Discussion with Doug Hren

from the Yahoo masonry heater list

Workshop in Hungary with Alex Chernov
Feedback from Hungarian Workshop

Masonry heater by Alex Chernov
How Long Does a Masonry Heater Stay Hot?

by Treat Hull

Heater by Marcus Flynn
Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn

Aquitaine, France
Modern artisanal brick and concrete floor tiles from 1880 taken from the
original floor of the house.

Click on image for rear view of heater

Soapstone contraflow heater by Eric Moshier
Soapstone heater by Eric Moshier

Custom Heatkit with top exit, see-through.

Sustainable Firewood: Recycling Atmospheric Carbon

The Woodpile

Red stove by Jessica Steinhauser
Red Stove

by Jessica Steinhauser

bell heater by Chris Springer
Single Bell heater core with black oven and heated bench and backrest

built by MHA Member Chris Springer. Designed by Alex Chernov.
Chris attended Alex's workshop last fall
construction photos

Swedish Stove by Gabriel Keramic

Distributed in France by MHA Member Thierry Coulon

Rocket/Bell heater by Peter van den Berg Rocket/Bell heater by Peter van den Berg
Rocket/Bell Heater by Peter van den Berg

update from Peter, Feb 6/10
details at Rocket Stove Forum

3-D interactive Sketchup model

Firebox corner
How to cut a firebox corner

by Jeanluc Rosolenet

Radiant Floor Heating: Wrong Choice for Green Homes?

Environmental Building News, February 1, 2010

commercial pizza oven by Stovemaster
48" Commercial Brick Pizza Oven - Form-Free Construction

by Alex Chernov and Sergei Kuznetsov of Stovemaster

Heater design by Ksenia Chumakova, built by Steve Bushway
5 Run Heater, Hudson N.Y.

Built by Steve Bushway. Facing design by Ksenia Chumakova.
Ksenia is an architect who attended Wildacres 2009, and will be attending 2010.

Heater by Dale Demary
Heater by Dale Demary

Client feedback (for a different heater)

Doug Hren video
Custom Heater Video, Harvard Illinois

video by Doug Hren
Bell heater core, built by Marty Pearson and Tony Dasilva , who generously donated $4,000 labor
to the 2009 MHA Wildacres Auction

Brian Klipfel masonry heater video
Brian Klipfel Video

Masonry heater by Jeff Owens
Masonry Heater by Jeff Owens

Masonry heater by Stan Homola
Burn Video

by Stan Homola

William Davenport and Antoine Guerlain
Antoine Guerlain, William Davenport.  Benson, VT. October 2008. 

Double Bell Heater with Fireplace

Oven by Eric Moshier
2009 MHA Bake Oven Contest Winners

Shown above is 1st place winner, Marty Pearson
click link for details on the 3 winners

Bombay smoker|
Bombay Smoker - Wildacres 2010 Hands-On Workshop

With Master Masons Chris Prior, Dan Givens and Scott Helms
Chris has perfected this radical design over the last 12 years

A Conversation about Wood Smoke from Masonry Heaters, and Lessons Learned from Testing

with Norbert Senf, Alex Chernov, and Tony Biundo

New York Times, Jan 31/10

Korean Ondol
Notes on the Korean Ondol

by Marcus Flynn

Top 5 MHA Page Views, January 2010:

1.).......16,318 -------MHA Home Page
2.)..........6036 -------MHA Gallery Page
3.)..........5995 -------MHA News 4.)..........3529 -------Strawbale Links Page
5.)..........3523 -------MHA Members Page

Total Page Views for January: -
- - 115,203

John Gulland Burn it Smart
Burn it Smart Workshop with John Gulland

Cobden, Ontario, Jan 27/10
- over 100 local woodburners attended
- John will be presenting at Hearth Expo in Orlando this year

Learning heater building as a new career

Jeffrey T. Owens
From the Yahoo Masonry Heater List

Steam Crack
A Steam Crack

by Marcus Flynn

Polish tiled stove
Polish Coal Fired Tile Stoves

ASHRAE Transactions, 1995
Thanks to Dave Misiuk for finding this

Comments from Alex Chernov

Baking bread in a masonry heater white oven
Baking Bread in a Masonry Heater White Oven

Cathy Smallwood, Newfoundland
Mason: Martin Palmer

Richard Jussel stove
Richard Jussel - type cookstove, Bali, Indonesia

built by Max Edleson
Max led a rocket stove workshop at Wildacres last year
he has already registered for Wildacres 2010

Richard Jussel cookstove on MHA-Net

Teplushka Construction Sequence

by Marcus Flynn
built by Alex Batsulin and Marcus Flynn


Wildacres people

Wildacres people
Wildacres People

Thanks to Tom and April Dougherty for the photos.
Click on the photos for a larger version.
Send me an email (mheat(at) if you want a high res version of your photo.

bullets from the Siege of Moscow
Bullets from the Battle of Moscow, 1941

dug up on-site by Marcus Flynn
a report on Marcus's Russian trip will be online soon

oven heat
How heat works in your oven

Pizza's New Wave

New York Times

Pizza Fans

Greermount heater
Observations 28 Years Later

by Norbert Senf

Workshop with Igor Kuznetsov
5 Heater Workshop with Igor Kuznetsov

Moscow, May 12 - 24, 2009

Heater by Alex Batsulin
Heater/Fireplace Combo by Alex Batsulin, Russia

Thanks to Marcus Flynn for hosting the content.
Step-by-step photo sequence

MHA News Feedback by Marcus Flynn

First Big Stove Project

Liam Davenport built this with help from his dad, William

Lopez Labs
Condar Training

Alex Chernov visits Lopez Labs with his new Condar emissions sampler.

Gulf Island Oven
Gulf Island Oven

Mason: Richard Dakin
Architect: Phillip van Horn
Oven Design Consulting: Norbert Senf

Luther's room
Martin Luther's room, Wartburg, Germany (16th C.)

Guastavino - Master of Catalan Vaulting

Unfinished, but structurally sound Guastavino vaulted staircase.
St. Lawrence Basilica, Asheville, North Carolina.
Additional photos, from the 1998 MHA Meeting

masonry heater workshop
Workshop in Denmark with Lars Helbro and Tom Trout

kuznetsov boiler burn video
Boiler burn video

from Igor Kuznetsov (4 Mb .AVI file)

6' x 9' Commercial Bake Oven by William Davenport

Structural steel detail. Under construction, June 8/09
Elmore Mountain Bread, Vermont.

Online Guastavino Exhibit

Well worth a click ---ed.

Bake Oven Lighting Discussion

updated June 2/09

Ksenia Chumakova
Heater Tour

Ksenia Chumakova is an architect recently graduated from Cornell University.
She is actively interested in masonry heaters, and attended Wildacres 2009.
She recently visited MHA's David Lyle document collection,
hosted here at Masonry Stove Builders in Shawville, Quebec.
In the photo, Ksenia is checking out the first Canadian double skin contraflow heater,  built nearby in 1981.

Reclaimed brick and thin lime mortar joints.

Heaters (Sorba) in Romania

by Marcus Flynn

Contraflow Heater by Marcus Flynn
See-through Contraflow with Bake Oven

French Basque Country
by Marcus Flynn

Construction drawings for Wildacres/09 Five run soapstone/firebrick hybrid heater

Available in the MHA Members' Lounge

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Recent Heater by Marcus Flynn

City of Montreal

Marcus Flynn - hypocausts
Glorias Castillanas - Castillian Hypocausts

A live report from Spain, by Marcus Flynn

Contraflow heater by Marcus Flynn
Observations 8 Years Later

by Marcus Flynn

Alex, Joel and Sergei
Heater Masons

Joel Dick and I visited with Alex Chernov and his apprentice, Sergei.
They were working on a project 2 minutes around the corner from ours, in Chelsea, Quebec. March 17/09

New Brick Oven Core from Alex Chernov

Priced "delivered and installed" in the Toronto area
Design based on Alex's 2007 Wildacres workshop

Low Cost Masonry Heaters - Tips from a Heater Builder

by Alex Chernov

masonry heater by Marcus Flynn
Construction of a Finnish style contra-flow heater and its chimney
in La Beauce, Quebec

by Marcus Flynn

Community Ovens in the Massif de Megal

by Marcus Flynn

Oven photo by Marcus Flynn
Traditional exterior oven: Brittany

by Marcus Flynn
-check out the cool door closing system

Earth oven repair by Kiko Denzer
Interesting Earth Oven Repair

by Kiko Denzer

Commencement Address to the Class of 2009

University of Portland, May 3rd, 2009
by Paul Hawken

Masonry Heaters are Exempted from new Quebec Woodburning Regulation that Mandates EPA Stoves.

Thanks to Andre Fauteux, editor of Maison du 21e Siecle, for making the most recent
definitive inquiry to the Ministry.

Fairbanks considers eliminating outdoor furnaces

Fairbanks Daily News Miner, May 12/0

SUNY heater lecture
Masonry Heater Lecture, SUNY Canton, NY

North Country Sustainable Energy Fair, April 24/09

Lopez Labs
2009 Testing at Lopez Labs

Damper experiments with a contraflow heater.
Can we eliminate the chimney damper and replace it with a cold air bypass?

Updated on March 14/09

heater by William Davenport

Tips and tricks from William Davenport on the shiner facing method
he has developed

Strategies for preventing hairline cracking in the heater face

A lively round table discussion, updated on Aug 17/08
with comments by Lars Helbro

Masonry Heaters: Planning Guide for Architects, Home Designers and Builders

by Alex Chernov

Water heating experiments

by William Davenport

heater core
Contraflow heater core

Rear white oven, domestic hot water coil, front heated bench, 12" extra height.
Core assembled by home-owner, eastern Washington.
Client's progress photos, March 25/09


Masonry heater class
Heater Training for Registered Professional Masons in Quebec

"Finnish Style Masonry Heaters" is the name of a 120 hour training course for qualified professional masons,
organized by the Quebec government construction training office. Masons are paid wages to attend the course.
Thanks to Tristan Lebreton for the report.

The kit heater being assembled is manufactured in Quebec by Foyers Feuvert, a new MHA voting member.

Flame - Lopez Labs
Recent Testing at Lopez Labs

Data Summary
Graphical Data Summary

A masonry heater in the White House
A Masonry Heater in the White House

Concept by William Davenport


photo by Marcus Flynn

Seen for sale in Lille Bradeie, France
photo by Marcus Flynn

pellet firebox
Burning pellets in a masonry heater

by Norbert Senf
updated on January 30/09

Presentation of Free gas movement system as interpreted by I. V. Kuznetsov

Powerpoint presentation

Oven by Alexander Batsulin
Russian Bake Oven

by Alexander Batsulin
(compare with traditional Russian oven plans -- ed)

Dry Stone Veneer with Alex Chernov

Dry Stone Veneer with Alex Chernov
How To - - Easier Dry Stone Facings

by Alex Chernov

Austria Flexes its Bioenergy Muscles

"...The Austrian government has recently announced subsidies of EU €100 million to help householders and companies make the switch to wood-powered heating systems."

Montana includes masonry heaters in definition of "low-emission wood or biomass combustion device"

Thanks to MHA TechCom member Ron Pihl for helping to make this happen

Burning Issues: An Update on the Wood Pellet Market

Renewable Energy World.Com

Contraflow heater by Brian Klipfel
Heater by Brian Klipfel, Amazin' Masons

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Christiane Biondi from MHA member Pyromasse testifies before the Montreal Commissioners holding hearings on
the proposed woodburning ban.

Municipality in Montreal bans all woodstoves

Masonry Heaters Exempted from new Quebec Woodburning Regulations

Letter from MHA heater mason Marcus Flynn
to the Mayor of Montreal

en francais

Montreal to ban new installations of wood stoves

Letter from Dave Misiuk, CCHRC,
regarding Montreal Woodstove Ban

LEED and Masonry Heaters

See page 87 and 88 "Masonry wood burning fireplace - best practice"

Soapstone hybrid heater
5 Run Soapstone or Brick Heater with

Wildacres 2009 - - Hands-On Workshop
with: Norbert Senf and Eric Moshier

More on the Shiner Facing Method

by Norbert Senf

Firebricks - High Duty vs. Low Duty - which is better?

a discussion from the Yahoo MHAmembers list

Expansion Gasket Between Core and Facing

by Marcus Flynn

A Guide to Residential Wood Heating
A Guide to Residential Wood Heating - new edition

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
authored by John Gulland


Can your heater heat my house, my hot water
and my hydronic floor ?

by Norbert Senf

On the Road to Compostella

by Marcus Flynn

Heater by Lars Helbro
Small high output, high efficiency Gymse heater

developed by Lars Helbro
Lars will be giving a presentation and leading a hands-on workshop at Wildacres 2009

"Here in Denmark, those builders who never test their heaters are also the ones that build the most complicated stoves"

Efficiency is key to Fairbanks air quality

Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Photo by Tom Trout
Jane Austen's oven

Chawton, England
photo by Tom Trout





Portable pizza oven
Mobile pizza oven in France

by Marcus Flynn

Bakery oven at Pompeii
Bakery Oven at Pompeii

John Rousseau's travel blog

Hexagonal bake house
Hexagonal Bake House

by Marcus Flynn

photo by Marcus Flynn
Chateau Chambord

by Marcus Flynn

Third World Stove Soot is Target in Climate Fight

New York Times, April 15, 2009

Turbo stove
Testing and Modelling the Wood-Gas Turbo Stove

by Tom Reed, E. Anselmo and K. Kirchner



Finland PM
Tulikivi's new whirlbox design, assembly & operation

with Doug Hargrave and Tulikivi representatives
Hands On workshop #3 – Wildacres 2009

(ed note: 85% efficiency, using the European definition (HHV),
equals approx. 75% efficiency, using the North American definition (LHV).)

Masonry heater in Estonia
Masonry Heater in Estonia inspired by MHA website information

How many trees are there per person?

Research for a Sustainable Development - Experiences from Austria

Report From Paul Tiegs at OMNI-Test

November 7, 2008

Kachelofen Workshop at Kiesling Construction


lime cycle

Lime Seminar including Burning and Slaking Lime

Wildacres 2009

Frederik Stevenson teaches in the Heritage Masonry program at Algonquin College in Perth, Ontario.
He is a highly regarded authority on lime and on masonry restoration.


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