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2015 MHA Annual Meeting

Firetube demo

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Setting up in the rain.

Jim Schmitz, Axel Schmitz, Firetube

Modular, reconfigurable, firebox on left
Ortner prefab modular heat exchanger, and Ortner precast plate, on right.

To the far right is a hot water section. In front of it is a convection section.

Ganged dampers.


Cool truck.

View of the damper plates.



Ortner plaster applied to the precast plates.

Plaster samples./

Ganged dampers.
Hot water and convection heat exchange do not happen at the same time. It is either one, or the other.

Bathtub is almost ready for water.

Explanation of damper scheme.

Lighting the fire.

Check out the video page

Packing up.

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