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Top 10 Articles

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(1) - Firewood Life

by Hikari Fukazawa

Firewood Life by Hikari Fukazawa

(2) - Strategies for preventing hairline cracking in the heater face

A lively round table discussion, updated on Aug 17/08
with comments by Lars Helbro

(3) - Shineology

Tips and tricks from William Davenport on the shiner facing method
he has developed

Marcus Flynn core
(4) - Refractory Core Construction Sequence, 2006

by Marcus Flynn

(5) - Small Contraflow Heater Workshop

MHA Annual Meeting, 2001
small heater with Jerry Frisch

(6) - Short Course on Masonry Heater Emissions Testing Methods and Combustion Design

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Portland Oregon, October 24-25, 1991

First time online!

This historic seminar kickstarted MHA's technical efforts on emissions.
3.5 Mb PDF file, 29 pages

(7) - Using Castable Refractory Concrete in the Field

by Marcus Flynn

(8) - Design, Construction and Performance of Stick-Wood Fired Furnace

by Professor Richard Hill, University of Maine, 1979
(The original Rocket Stove - NS)

(9) - Masonry Heater White Paper

Prepared for: The Masonry Heater Caucus of the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association

- final version. If you downloaded the earlier Feb 5 version, please replace it with this version.
- thanks to Bob Ferguson, Rod Zander, Tom Stroud, and the MHA Technical Committee for facilitating this project
- a special thanks to the generous MHA member donors who helped to fund this project

(10) -Test Results from Austria (1991)

reprinted from MHA News, 1993

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