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2017 MHA Annual Meeting

Fire Tube Multifunctional Heater

by Axel Schmitz and Crew

36" Castable Refractory Oven Experiment
Kachel Workshop
Large Double Bell
Squirrel Tail Oven
Pat Manley Oven
Test Heater by AFPMA
Fire Tube Multifunctional Masonry Heater
Batch Rocket Cookstove and Heater
HMED 22" Contraflow
Small Finnish Contraflow for Beginner Masons
Quick Grill by Chris Prior
Tulikivi TU-2200 Top Vent
Tiileri Brick Heater Kit
Archguard demo

Modular Firetube fireboxes. The upper one serves as an oven.

A cooktop extends off the side of the connecting flue.
Note the damper rod visible between the two grills.

Side exit on lower firebox allows gases to be diverted through a site-built masonry heat exchanger / storage / bench section.

Chimney system from Germany.

Chimney clean out port. A flue gas sampling port is also an option on German systems.

Carboard expansion joint between outer shell and firebrick liner is placed only where it is needed, at the corner.
This is the only spot where you get a push from the thermal linear expansion.

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