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2017 MHA Annual Meeting

Kachel Workshop

with Jessica Steinhauser

36" Castable Refractory Oven Experiment
Kachel Workshop
Large Double Bell
Squirrel Tail Oven
Pat Manley Oven
Testing Heater by AFPMA
Firetube Multifunctional Masonry Heater
Batch Rocket Cookstove and Heater
HMED 22" Contraflow
Small Finnish Contraflow for Beginner Masons
Quick Grill by Chris Prior
Tulikivi TU-2200 Top Vent
Tiileri Brick Heater Kit
Archguard demo

Kachel making workshop with Jessica Steinhauser.

Slabs are cut from a block of clay, using a wire.

Rolling clay slabs to a uniform thickness using wooden guides.

Example of finished Kachel by Jessica, decorated with slip trailing technique.

Scoring the clay to help bond the ears.

Bonding on the ears using slip (liquid clay)

Decorating the face of the Kacheln in the leather hard stage.

Wildacres has a pottery studio. The Kacheln are set on a table to dry.

Once dry, they are ready to be bisk fired in a kiln. A second firing will be for the glaze.

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