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2022 MHA Annual Meeting at Wildacres Retreat

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Small Contraflow Heater

with Steve Bushway and Dave Moore

Photo Credit: Scott Goodman

Note from David Moore:

I asked Scott to take a couple of photos of the bottom end of the "beginner heater build", hoping that we could cite Marcus Flynn as the inspiration for the corbels.

Maybe you could mention Marcus’s influence on heater facade design?

“Corbeled bottom inspired by the work of Marcus Flynn” for the first photo, and perhaps, “Thank you Marcus for setting such high standards, we will keep trying!” for the second less flattering photo.

Overall this was amazingly good work by beginner heater masons!


Description by Steve Bushway:

Click for video.

From Steve Bushway:
One note about the air slot at the front of the firebox.  The photos show that slot before we removed the front 2 pieces and cut skews to open up the air way.  The sharpie lines can be seen in the photos and those bricks skews were cut before the facing went on.

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