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2022 MHA Annual Meeting at Wildacres Retreat

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Presentations and Ceremonies
Pizza Party
Hands On Workshops:
Cook Stove Masonry Heater Hybrid
Small Contraflow Heater
Batch Rocket Gasifier
Pat Manley Oven
Santiago Oven
Lime Kiln

Presentations and Ceremonies

Photo Credit: Scott Goodman

MHA's long time Executive Director Richard Smith is retiring from his role this year.
It has been a great run for everyone involved.

Our new E.D. is Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, recruited by MHA volunteer ad-hoc executive search committee.

Going away ceremony for Dick Smith before the pizza party on Friday. MHA's president Jason Temple doing the honors.

Pat Manley created this beautiful carved soapstone working miniature heater as a parting memento for Dick

Stefan Polatschek from Austria has taken many great people photos at Wildacres over the years. He created this unique book to commemorate the annual gatherings, and a specially printed copy was presented to Dick.

The Jerry Frisch Award was presented this year to Chris Prior, for his outstanding contributions to the organization.

Jason Temple gave a presentation on his visit to the Ukrainian Masonry Heater Association.

Chris Prior presented his Masonry Heater Basics class.

Jeffrey Owens presided over the annual fund-raising auction.

A roundtable discussion was organized by MHA Board member Jon Santiago.

A special tile created for Richard Smith

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