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2018 MHA Annual Meeting

Tiileri Demonstration

Presentations and Ceremonies
Double Deck Oven
Advanced Heater
Cabin Heater
Heater Testing
Tulikivi TTU2700/4 XL
Pat Manley Oven
Tiileri Demo
Masonry Skills
Quick Oven
Pizza Party

Neolith is a high end artificial marble skinning material. Bookmatched pieces were precision cut at marble shop, with mitres on the corners. Kari Rale is an MHA Certified Heater Mason from Toronto. Here he makes the door cutouts.

Download catalog

The pieces fit together exactly. The corners are siliconed. This is to allow dismantling. Normally the would be epoxied.

Beautiful bookmatched skin.

Tiileri was generous enough to donate the core, including hardware, to the MHA Fundraising Auction.

Tiileri website

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