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2019 MHA Annual Meeting at Wildacres Retreat

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Presentations and Ceremonies
Air Gap Heater with North American materials
Beginner's Double Bell Heater
Squirrel Tail Oven
Pat Manley Oven
Masonry Skills
Pizza Party


presented by the firetube crew

The Schmitz brothers developed the tinytube as an affordable solution for tiny houses. To reduce costs,
it is available in kit form. It is designed for portability and can be moved outside for use  as a
cookstove, oven and grill after the heating season.

Assembling the door. The whole stove is put together with stainless steel pop rivets.

Building a masonry heated bench. The stove can be switched between cooktop and bench heating.

Built in handles allow for easy movement with two people.

At the pizza party. A variety of meats were grilled in the firebox, and here tortillas are being made directly on the

Teardown on Saturday morning

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