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2019 MHA Annual Meeting at Wildacres Retreat

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Presentations and Ceremonies
Air Gap Heater with North American materials
Beginner's Double Bell Heater
Squirrel Tail Oven
Pat Manley Oven
Masonry Skills
Pizza Party


At the end of the business meeting, elections were held.
The new Board, from left to right:

Boris Kukolj (Secretary), Chris Prior (President), Chris Springer (Vice President), Jon Santiago (Member at Large),
Jason Temple (Member at Large), John Rousseau (Treasurer), David Zeltwanger (Member at Large).

Ron Pihl heads the new MHA Regulatory Committee

Jon Nilsson, a soil scientist at, presented a very informative lecture on biochar.

Olympia donated a new permanent chimney for the gazebo and presented a workshop on installation.

Jessica Steinhauser did a presentation on the history of the Kachelofen

Tara Lancaster did a presentation on the historical Kacheloefen at Old Salem village in North Carolina.

New MHA Certified Heater Mason Jon Santiago

New MHA Certified Heater Mason Patrick Sieben.

Jim Frisch and Derek Frisch instructed the HMED training session.
Here, Jim is checking the new hands-on test for heater mason certification.
It has been changed from bricklaying a section of chimney, to a firebrick test.

(Photo missing):  Eric Moshier was this year's recipient of the Jerry Frisch Award.

Damien Lehmann from the French Masonry Heater Association presented results from recent testing for the
open source heater calculator project.

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