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2015 MHA Annual Meeting


DRAFT: - April 24/15
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Annual Meeting
Heater Testing
Rocket Stove Seminar
Technical Committee Report
House Depressurization
Codes and Standards in Australia
Eccostove demo
Firetube demo

Annual busniness meeting. Officers and committee chairs presented reports, a Board election was held,
and new business was brought up
by voting members from the floor. See MHA News sidebar for new Board of Directors:

HMED class, with lead instruction Jim Frisch.

Heater testing workshop.

Peter van den Berg from Netherlands gave a presentation prior to his hands-on batch burning rocket stove workshop.
Peter has done much leading edge research on a batch burning rocket bell design. Check back soon for a photo report.
You can find the graphics files for Peter's MHA seminar here:
Download the open source Sketchup model of the heater here
Follow some of the current progress on the  rocket stove forum, where Peter often hangs out.

The technical committee held 3 meetings, which allowed us to set our NSPS testing agenda for the coming year
Technical Committee Report, March 19/15
Technical Committee draft work plan and budget for 2015-2016

Marge and Gene Padgitt gave a presentation on negative pressure issues in houses, and how they relate to venting.

Fiona Kotjvos and Alan Burdon from Australia gave a presentation on codes and standards in Australia, and the issues they pose for
the promulgation of masonry heaters. Not surprisingly, Australia is not a single regulatory entity, but composed of regions that often have
to be dealt with individually.

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