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2015 MHA Annual Meeting

Calculated cabin stove

with Eric Moshier and Joe Copeland

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Firebox is to the right. Heat exchange section is to the left.
This heater uses the Austrian eco-labelled firebox air system, and a calculated Austrian style channel system.
It also features an integrated cook top, and hot water. It is intended as a "camp" stove for a cabin, etc.

Note the vertical expansion joints between the firebox and the heat exchance section.
This takes up expansion the the left-to-right direction, eliminating the need for carboard on the left and right outer faces of the core.
As an experiment, the entire facing was slushed solid to the core, and there was no cracking despite continuous firing
of the stove from a green state.

Installing spacer strips to create the air supply for the Austrian air system.

Starting the firebox liner.

Installing the coil.
It is mounted high, ideally downstream past the flames.

Starting the facing.

Steel lintel over the firebox opening.

A temporary chimney is mounted to start the drying process.

A silicon carbide kiln shelf, 3/4" thick, is used as a cooktop.

Preparing the hardware and air supply.
Eric Moshier fabricated these doors in-house and offers them for sale in custom sizes.

Heated bench add-on.
A second, separated bench was added later, heated entirely with a hot water loop.

Startup was difficult with a green heater, no bypass, Austrian channels, plus a heated bench.

Boosting the chimney with a torch to establish a draft.

Joe Copeland from Alaska prepares to hook up the hot water.
He is a professional plumber who has done a lot of hot water systems on masonry heaters.

Using a disc from an old disc harrow to mold a plaster circle.

Cooktop counter setup.

French crepes. Yum.

Demolition day.

The hot water bench. I did not get a photo during construction.

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