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2014 MHA Annual Meeting

Kachelofen with Jessica Steinhäuser and Mario Zauner

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Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhaueser

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

Note the temporary bracing provided by the spring clips and the level

Spring wire clips at the Kachel ribs allow for thermal movement without cracking.

Note the firebrick splits filling in the hollows in the rear of the Kacheln.

Jessica shows Aki Yoshimizu the method to correctly tension the spring clips.

Spring clips are tapped into place with the broad side of the pliers.

Door opeing has been cut into the Kacheln.

Installing the door.

Display of slip trailed Kachel decoration

Note the dry firebrick chips inserted into the clay mortar that fills in between the Kachel ribs.
This helps to suck water out of the mortar and get an initial set to stabilize the Kacheln, which sit on temporary hardwood shims.

Installing the chimney.

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