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2013 MHA Annual Meeting


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On the way home, we stopped in Asheville for lunch. Alex knew a great Jamaican restaurant, and it was a beautiful spring day.
Luis and Paul (above) caught a flight back to Austria in the afternoon.
Stefan had booked an extra week's stay, and drove back to Toronto with Alex.

I met up with them in Niagara Falls, which Stefan had never seen.

The Maid of the Mist

The next day, we rendezvued at Jessica Steinhauser's pottery studio in Guelph, just down the street from Sleeman's Brewery

I had broken my camera at Wildacres, so these photos are from Stefan's camera.

Alex had to go back to work on Wednesday. Stefan and I drove to Montreal to visit with Marcus Flynn

Marcus' apartment on The Plateau in Montreal.
It is Leonard Cohen's old neighbourhood, and Marcus took us on a walking tour, including "Suzanne"'s house.

Leather gear from Marcus' coal shovelling days in his youth with his father in Manchester.

Mecca for Montreal style bagels - the original shop on St. Viateur St.

We visited Le Formentier bakery.
It has a Spanish Farjas oven, built 15 years ago by Felix Jiminez and Marcus.

The oven has a rotating deck, operated manually by the large handwheel in front.

It has been converted to gas.

The bakery also has a gas fired multi-deck oven. We were able to discuss the pros and cons of both ovens with the baker.

The manual deck rotating mechanism had a lot of play, and Marcus was able to do an impromptu service call. This is through an
access hatch at the top of the oven.

The loose insulation is chalk, imported from Spain.

Afterwards we visited a local Portuguese coffee bar, where the TV's were tuned to Real Madrid playing Bayern Munich in the
Champions Leage semi-final second leg.

Crossing the Pont Champlain across the St. Lawrence River, heading towards the Eastern Townships, where Marcus recently bought
a house that he is renovating and has just installed an interesting heater into.

East Stanbridge. It was settled by United Empire Loyalists from the United States, after the Revolutionary War.

Marcus' new heater. It is a contraflow, with a bell in the foundation.

Basement foundation. The concrete blocks form the ash pit. Above that is a bell. When warm, the heater starts and draws down
into the bell no problem.

Heat shield bricks visible at the top, protecting the steel firebox lintel.

Bypass channel to heat up the white oven floor.

Mount Royal is in the middle of Montreal, just above The Plateau.
Marcus is pointing towards "The Big O", the Olympic Stadium built for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games.

The tower is for operating the retractable fabric roof. Guess why the idea didn't catch on.

Racoon footprints. This is a building just around the corner from Marcus's apartment. When the bricks were molded and set on the
ground to dry, racoons walked on them.

Once you see them, they are everywhere.

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