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2013 MHA Annual Meeting

Wildacres, North Carolina --- April 15 - 21, 2013

Pizza Party

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Pizza master Alex Ciciora.
Alex's dad Bob has been coming to Wildacres for year.
Alex studied under 10 times World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani.

Tom Marcantonio was the main pizza prep man

Pat Manley manned the 48" oven.

It was good and hot, about 900 - 1000F on the ceiling and 600 - 800F on the floor.
Pizzas took about 2 minutes on average.

Gene Padgitt mans the cutter.

Tom Marcantonio and Chris Prior

Smoked mozzarela halapeno poppers

Aki and Aussie putting shrimps on the barbie.
Aki Yoshimizu is a house builder from Tokyo, Japan.
Fiona Kotvojs is an international development coordinator from Australia, who came with her husband, Alan Burdon
A record 10 countries were represented at Wildacres this year.

The Smoke Master.
Smoked pork loin

Smoked bacon cups filled with peanut butter, to be topped with bourbon infused smoked chocolate.

We also had the 36" precast geodesic pizza fired. Françoise Vergnas does the honours.

I was Pat's assistant, and got to load the pizzas. When he went on break I even got to tend the oven.

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