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2012 MHA Annual Meeting

Grundofen with Jerry Frisch, Derek Frisch and Travis Stringfellow

Photo Credits: Norbert Senf

Layout. The firebox is on the right, with the door opening at the bottom of the photo.

At the left is the downdrafting channel out the rear of the firebox, followed by an updrafting channel next to
the side of the firebox.

Note the firebrick split lining on the outside wall of the firebox, and the single split lining
at the outside of the updraft channel. 
On a Grundofen, the walls get thinner as the flue gas cools, to even out the outside
skin temperature.

Capping off part of the updraft channel. This serves as the floor for later channels.

Note the tapered bricks where the gases exit the firebox, to avoid sharp corners.

Building a support for the 1/2" cast iron bake oven floor.

White oven. It uses three heavy cast iron plates. Jerry says that it is experimental,
but that so far he has had good success with this design.

Gases go up and around the left side of the oven, and across the top,
to the lower left corner in the photo.
They then downdraft briefly, and udraft in the rightmost channel to the chimney.

Capping off the ceiling with Skamol board.

Laying up the brick facing.
Some details, such as cleanouts, are missing.


Internal expansion cracks.

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