Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2010
From: Peter van den Berg <peter(at)>
To: mheat(at)
Subject: rocket/bell


Hi Norbert,

The public domain 3-D model is finally ready. I've been working at this on and off since Christmas, all the incremental versions can be found at the rocket stove forum. For some weeks it's open to readers, however still necessary to register in order to write. see
The model is done with the free 3-D program SketchUp, version 7.1. see
To make exploring the drawing easy, I've organised the whole thing in horizontal layers. With the "Move" tool, it's possible to position the layers on the side. Moreover, even printing of the subsequent layers can be done fairly easily. I'll attach two jpegs, one of that is an open view to see the construction in a glance. Extensive explanation at the rocket stove forum. Scaling up of this design is perfectly possible.

regards, Peter

rocket/bell by Peter van den Berg

rocket/bell by Peter van den Berg

Rocket/Bell by Peter van den Berg