Glenn Overk is MHA's new Vice President

April 25, 2008

After the Annual General Meeting at Wildacres, William Davenport tendered
his resignation to me verbally. William is at a very busy time
in his life, with a young family, etc., and simply could not spare the time
anymore that was required to fulfill his MHA Board duties.

I accepted William's resignation, and thanked him for the awesome job
he has done has VP, taking responsibility for the fantastic program that
was organized for this year's Wildacres. William has also made very
valuable contributions to Board discussions, and come up with some great
ideas and solutions for problems.

The Board had a meeting after the AGM, and voted to appoint Glenn
Overk as VP, until such time as we can have elections, which will take
place at next year's AGM.

At the same time, the Board has asked John Rousseau to chair a nominating
committee, and to carry out that task as he sees fit. It is normal under
Robert's Rules for the president to sit ex-officio on all committees, with
the exception of the nominating committee. Anyone who has an interest
in participating on the nominating committee should contact John.

Norbert Senf
president, MHA