From: Hikari Fukazawa <h-fukazawa(at)>
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010
To: execdir(at)
Subject: from M.H.Japan

Hello Richard,

My name is Hikari Fukazawa and I attended the annual
meeting at Wildacres 2003 and 2006.

Here is an update from M.H. Japan:
Since last monday 3/1 Tom Trout has been staying in Shiga prefecture near
Kyoto,Japan. We have been able to hold the third work shop of masonry
heater building in Japan inviting heater mason from U.S..

This time a friend of mine Kyoji Mawaribuchi who is the owner of stove shop
in Shiga is promoting the workshop and building 2 heaters and 1 small bake
oven. Now they(Japanese masons and Tom Trout) is building Heater #1 whose size is
width1200mm(including chimney)*depth 650mm*heigh 1700mm. It is a small one suitable
for Japanese house (life style). Please see atached photos.

Heater#2 of this project is like Kachelofen with long heat bench and
cook top.This is ordered by a timberframer in Shiga, and I designed it.
Please see attached figure.

I have supported to hold this project and stayed at Shiga the first until
3/1  and being at homecountry Iwate far from Shiga 1,000 km. I am hearing
from the promotor Kyoji that Tom Trout is being alive by genuine Japanese foods,
meals and Kirin Beer anyway. He should be enjoying Japanese life.

Maybe Tom should report about this the 3rd (for Tom this is the 2nd visit and
workshop in Japan)Workshop of M.H.J. at coming annual meeting in Wildacres.

I can send you the photos on CD.

Thank you for your time and cooperation of M.H.A..

Please send our best regards to all member of M.H.A..
Yours sincerely,

M.H.J. manager
Hikari (Hickory) Fukazawa

Tom Trout in Japan

Tom Trout in Japan

Tom Trout in Japan