Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010
Subject: Re: [MHAmembers] top down burn 

Mik is talking about a firebox with the exit down, instead of top.

I have seen a heater like that at the Austrian stove show. It is made by Austrian kahelofen, cookstove and hardware manufacturer Gast. By looking at their current gallery, I see that they got some variaety of installlation, using, however, the same size of the unit. I talked to them at the show asking if the unit can be scaled up. They said that so far they only have one size and it sounded like it took quite a bit of time to tune up all dimensions to get it working. They also mention that one must learn how to use it properly or it may be dfficult to operate. The unit has a by-pass damper on top of the firebox to start, and then flow is reversed. Combustion air is supplied through a very sophisticated stainless steel tube grate under the load. Two glass doors allow to see flames in the lower chamber.
It is said to burn very clean with only 300-350ppm CO ( I don't know, though, f this is an average). It should be, otherwise why to bother?
Here are the pictures:
Alex Chernov

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