To: landmarkk(at)charter.net
Subject: Hooray for M.Heat
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010
From: mininmike(at)aol.com

Greetings Dale, Nancy & kiddos,

Thanks for touching base yesterday, Dale.

We absolutely love our masonry heater.  Ordinary praise seems so mundane!  Let me give you an example of how perfect a match your creation and this structure is.

The last few days' winter weather would test any building's windows, doors & overall insulation and the ability of a heating source to maintain a reasonable comfortable temperature range 24 hours a day/night.  We had sustained winds of up to 35-40 Mph. with gusts much higher for hours upon hours combined with temps. well below 0*.

We started a fire yesterday morning at 7:30 AM which followed one the night before (9 PM).  By last evening the temperature on the main level was well over 75* at the far end of the house opposite the masonry heater.  Upstairs was a very comfortable 65-70* with a few windows cracked open for cross ventilation. It was warm enough on the main level for us to come to the conclusion, that in spite the minus 30-40* wind chill and air temps of -8* we just didn't need any more heat--hence NO additional fire.  In fact, Mini opened the upstairs windows further for a more comfortable sleep.  We awoke this morning to -13* outdoors, 65* upstairs, 70* on main level.  I started a new fire, more for ambiance than the need for heat!  It is such a gorgeous morning with ultra clear views South and West that it set me dreaming and to be in this very thankful mood!  To be sitting so comfortable just 10' from the masonry heater, adjacent to a window where there is a 80+* temperature difference, is just amazing.

Anyone who doesn't include a masonry heater in their new home or renovation is just simply 'missing the boat'.  Talk about energy independence!  America grows plenty of timber to support millions of new masonry heaters.  Forget oil, propane, electric and even coal as a heating fuel source! 

Thank you !

Cheers from 'comfy' Star Ridge aka. Estrela da Serra.

Your friends,

Mini & Mike