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2009 MHA Annual Meeting


Marty Pearson was the auctioneer this year, and did an amazing job. Everyone was rolling in the aisles with laughter, with their wallets open.
We raised a record amount -- $23,464.00. That's more than twice the previous record. Donor List.

Thank you to all the donors.
In particular, TULIKIVI for their generous donation of their new Whirlbox heater, which raised $6,000.00 for MHA.

Worm won the confederate underwear. "They match my sheets."

Poppy Sandoval donated this great heater model. It folds open to reveal a detailed interior.
Perfect for doing demos at home shows.

Wool felt authentic Russian sauna hat, donated by Alex. It had Dave's name on it.

Genuine official issue Russian army sauna hat.

The big moment of the evening - auctioning off the Tulikivi. The new owners got a great deal, getting it for half the retail value of $12,000.00


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