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2009 MHA Annual Meeting

Classroom Sessions

Paul Tiegs from OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc. was the headliner for "Heater Regulation Boot Camp" on Saturday afternoon.
Paul explained the urgency of efforts to get an EPA-recognized emission certification method for masonry heaters.
Later, he met with the MHA technical committee to hammer out the final details of an MHA proposal to EPA.
It will include an MHA fueling protocol. Fueling protocol has been the main sticking point in the parallel ASTM technical process.
Paul drove to EPA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, to present our proposal on the following Monday.

Steve Bushway presented an "Introduction to Masonry Heaters" Powerpoint that he has developed.
He also showed an introductory video that he made, funded by the MHA Education Committee.

Tristan Lebreton presented a well-received seminar on Indoor Masonry Heater Photography

Tristan demonstrates indirect bounced lighting technicques on a masonry heater model constructed by Poppy Sandoval.

Soapstone working demonstration. The shelf bracket shown was later donated to the MHA Auction.

Missing photos:

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