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2009 MHA Annual Meeting


Carhartt Commercial


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Dave Misiuk (Cold Climate Housing Research Center), Doug Hren (Tulikivi), Paul Tiegs (OMNI-Test Laboratories)

Tom Trout showed me his latest cool tool acquisitions. This is a hammer from India.

Four hard core stone masons, with talent to spare:
Antoine Guerlaine, John McDougall, Dave Moore, Eric Moshier


"Boy - - Girls learn quick!" -- Colin Coveny

Anna is a graduate mechanical engineer pursuing a Masters in hydrology.
She is the newest member of the MHA Technical Committee. This gives us
5 engineers on the committee, including 2 with their heater mason certification.
There are a total of 6 certified heater masons on the committee.

Mason from the future.
Treat your body well..



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