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  • 2011 MHA Annual Meeting

    Wildacres, North Carolina — April 18 – 24, 2011

    The Masonry Heater Association - Wildacres 2011

    The Masonry Heater Association - Wildacres 2011
    Annual Business Meeting with the outgoing Board of Directors.
    Elections were held and Steve Bushway (right) is the new President

    The Masonry Heater Association - Wildacres 2011
    The new Board of Directors
    From left:
    Eric Moshier
    Dave Misiuk (Treasurer)
    Brian Klipfel (Secretary)
    Dan Givens (Vice President)
    Steve Bushway (President),
    Ed Small

    Executive Director Dick Smith congratulates Doug Hargrave, who was voted the recipient
    of the 2011 Jerry Frisch Award, for outstanding contributions to MHA.

    Jerry Frisch presented the first module of the new MHA Masonry Heaters 101 course, intended to orient newcomers.

    Other Seminars were:

    Combustion, with Norbert Senf
    Sketchup, with Carsten Homstead and Dave Misiuk
    Refractories, with John Koprevich from Snow Shoe Refractories
    Black Oven / White Oven Discussion
    Ask the Experts Session

    The food at Wildacres was great as ever, 3 squares per day.

    Pizza Oven Workshop with Pat Manley

    Five Run Heater workshop with Norbert Senf and Brian Klipfel

    Corner Heater workshop with David Moore

    Cookstove Workshop with Jerry Frisch

    Tulikivi Kouta C Workshop with Doug Hren

    Stone Facing Workshop with Steve Bushway and Steve Cohan

    Arch Workshop with Chris Prior and Walt Kelly

    Bricklaying 101 Workshop with Tom Trout

    Impromptu Rocket Stove with Max Edleson

    Five Minute Oven by Marty Pearson

    6th Annual Auction. Over $15,000.00 was raised this year.
    A special thank you to Marty Pearson, auctioneer extraordinaire.

    Once Pat Manley’s oven was finished, it was immediately fired up for the traditional Friday Fiesta de Pizza, marking the end
    of the formal worshops. Everybody kicked back, and tried some fantastic pizzas. Special thanks to the musicians, Tom Trout for the dough
    and toppings, Frank Giammaria for some xtra special toppings, and Chuck Larson for the California wines.

    Saturday was teardown and cleanup. It went extra smoothly this year.