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    Sustainable Housing

    Renewable Energy

    Alliance for Green Heat Heat
    Helping to push the frontiers of how biomass can heat America.

    Home Power Magazine
    Online subject index of past issues. Previous articles are available for downloading via a bulletin board. The Feb/March ’96 issue has a good article on masonry heating systems.

    Energy Design ToolsFree software allows you to predict the performance of your passive solar design.

    The Carbohydrate Economy ClearinghouseEREN
    (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

    Radiant Flooring Primerlocated at Energy Source Builder, a quality resource.

    EcoIQ Energy Links
    Good list of renewable energy links

    Whole Earth “Fire” Issue (Winter 99)
    complete text of the articles
    “a must read” – ed.

    Wood Heat Industry

    A Guide To Residential Wood Heating
    Excellent overview from the Canadian government

    This is Wood Heat
    The straight goods on burning wood for heat and enjoyment in your home. Recommended.
    Good site from England.

    The Chimney Sweep’s news magazine

    Fireplaces and Woodstoves
    Good list of links to the hearth industry. Shopping links.

    On top 5% of Internet Sites list

    Gulland Associates
    Hearth products training, consulting and publishing

    EcoGateway Link Centre
    Good list of biomass energy links


    Woodburning Emissions

    OMNI Environmental Services, Inc.
    Premier private industry test lab, Portland Oregon

    Sustainability and Bioregionalism

    CONTEXT INSTITUTE’S Sustainable Culture Information Service “Since 1979 Context Institute has been exploring and clarifying just what is involved in a humane sustainable culture – and how we can get there.”

    Virtual Library: Forestry
    From Finland, the spiritual home of masonry heating.

    Virtual Library: Biodiversity, Ecology and the Environment
    From Rice University. Great resource.Woodburning, forestry and global warmingA scholarly paper on woodburning and the forest. Recommended reading.

    Masonry Links

    The Bakeoven Page

    Earth Materials
    A very extensive, first rate resource brought to you by The Sustainable Building Sourcebook

    Buckley Rumford Co.
    Information on Rumford fireplaces. Useful masonry industry links.

    Lime Plaster Articles
    A series of articles on lime, lime plasters, renders, washes and methods of use for natural finishes. 18+ pages. Check out the other alternative building books on this linked page.