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  • Basics and Theory of Masonry Heaters

    During the 2022 annual meeting of the MHA (April 11th – 17th), the education committee will once again offer a class titled the Basics and Theory of Masonry Heaters. It is a great educational opportunity for the mason or homeowner who wants to learn more about masonry heaters.

    This class is available for MHA members only. If interested in membership, MHA offers two types of  membership: Affiliate – $175 and Full – $300.  Memberships are good for 12 months.

    The cost is normally $800 for a MHA member. However, during the annual meeting, MHA has lowered the cost to $600. That is a 25% savings, and the class is limited to only 12 students on a first come first serve basis. The cost of the class is over and above the $500 to attend the annual meeting.

    For more information or class registration, please contact the MHA office.

    Class Specifics:

    The class is schedule for approximately 20 hours.  Six of those hours will be classroom and the remaining hours will be a “hands-on” demonstration where you will have the opportunity to be part of a masonry heater core build.

    The curriculum for the class includes:

    • What is a Masonry Heater?  
    • Types of Masonry Heaters
      • Core Kits
      • Complete Units
      • Hand-Built Units
    • Governing Bodies
      • ASTM
      • Building Codes
      • EPA
      • Insurance
      • Local Regulators
    • Methods and Materials
    • Core Materials
    • Insulation & Expansion
    • Facing Materials
    • Professional Trade Association
    • Suppliers, Customers, and Builders
    • Masonry Heater Association and Certification

    Hands-On Demonstration Build

    As part of the class, students will be participating in a build of a masonry heater core.  You will be introduced to the following:

    • Selected tools and safety equipment
    • Skills needed for the build
    • Construction of the heater

    “This class is designed to introduce masonry heater design concepts and construction standards on an exploratory level for both novice and professional masons. The goal of this course is to provide the foundational knowledge of the masonry heater industry as it currently is and “introduce” the tools, methods, and materials that are necessary for building successful masonry heaters.”

    Masonry Heater Certification

    This class can be used as part of becoming a certified masonry heater builder in the MHA. For more information on becoming certified, go to this link:


    Taking this class is an excellent opportunity while enjoying the MHA annual meeting. Your instructors will be certified heater builders.

    For more information, please contact the MHA office.