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    Memberships & Annual Meeting

    The Masonry Heater Association of North America offers two tiers of membership: Full Voting and Associate. Full Voting membership is designed for the masonry heater builder & bake oven builder.. The associate membership is designed for sales representatives and manuafacturers that support the masonry heater industry. Homeowner’s who desire to learn more about masonry heaters typically become associate members.

    Benefits of MHA Membership:

    • Being part of a professional trade association that promotes and educates heater builders and the general public.
    • Full members have a listing on the MHA website’s member directory, a great marketing tool.
    • MHA offers a certification program for the professional heater builder.
    • The annual meeting and educational workshops are available to MHA members only.
    • An executive director serving as an administrator.
    • Active committe’s serving MHA interests.
    • Newsletters
    • Free marketing materials for members to use at trade shows.
    • A members only chat room for questions and comments.

    MHA Sponsored Workshops and Annual General Meeting

    MHA offers various workshops during the course of the year. These workshops are sometimes for members only and sometimes for the general public.

    The annual meeting is held at Wildacres Retreat in North Carolina. The business meeting and educational workshops last 6 nights and available only to MHA members. This past year’s annual meeting had 7 workshops that are geared to educated the beginner to professional.

    For more information, please contact:


    What is MHA?

    The Masonry Heater Association of North America is a non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the interests of the masonry heating industry and its clients. It was started in 1987 as the outgrowth of an ASTM Task Group on Masonry Heaters that was started at the same time to address building code issues involved in masonry heater construction.

    See our mission statement…

    Currently, the bulk of the membership consists of professional custom heater masons, and in addition includes manufacturers, distributors, and installers, as well as other people with an interest in masonry heating. Membership is open to anyone.

    What MHA has done for ALL heater builders in the past:
    The Association has a distinguished history of accomplishment that has benefited both members and non-members alike. These include:

    • developed ASTM Standard Guide for the Construction of Solid Fuel Masonry Heaters. Lots of builders have used this to get them out of scrapes with building inspectors and insurance companies.
    • have fought successfully to keep masonry heaters from being banned in Colorado.
    • have fought successfully to keep masonry heaters from being banned in Washington.
    • have fought successfully to keep masonry heaters from being banned by the Canadian R-2000 program
    • have developed a top-notch MHA certification program. We are using this to try to convince regulators in Colorado to reverse their ban on custom-built heaters. The MHA heater Mason’s Reference Manual is the authoritative guide to the skills and knowledge that a heater mason needs in order to practice his trade.
    • have worked closely with the Hearth Products Association (formerly TheWood Heating Alliance) to co-ordinate efforts related to emissions regulations at international, national, and local levels.
    • obtained funding for, and was the prime mover behind, EPA-accredited lab testing for masonry heaters, thus allowing us to obtain EPA equivalency in a number of jurisdictions.
    • set up a private MHA-affiliated test lab and developed North America’s largest database of masonry heater performance tests.
    • achieved exemption from Minnesota’s drastic (and expensive) makeup air requirements for woodstoves, based on a MHA research project done for the Canadian government.
    • MHA News, our official publication, has a long and illustrious history as the major source of masonry heater related information in North America.

    Why Should I Join?

    If you are serious about building or learning how to build masonry heaters, then you should join MHA. Not only is this your best opportunity to gain access to quality information and knowledgeable people who are happy to share their experience with you, but we need your membership.

    Your annual dues are MHA’s main source of funding, and help to further the interests of the industry through such actions as publishing and presenting peer reviewed technical papers, applying to building code bodies for recognition, and fighting legislative battles as they arise.

    What MHA is doing for members right now…

    * your annual voting membership includes a free basic website on the MHA server. The website received 29,000 hits in Oct.- a valuable marketing opportunity. A single successful job lead through MHA will pay your dues for several years!
    * access to valuable documents and information in the private member’s area of the site.
    * the opportunity to attend a one week annual meeting at Wildacres Retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains of western North Carolina. In addition to the annual meeting, it features hands-on workshops, a number of special guests, and an opportunity to network with your peers and develop professionally. The fee for the entire week INCLUDING accommodations, 3 meals per day, and a spectacular setting is only $375.00 (US)!
    * working to develop seismic language for the building code.
    * developing a masonry heater testing standard through ASTM
    * A professional administrator who is actively promoting masonry heaters with multi-media communication, coordinating, formulating and supporting MHA members ideas, plans & goals. etc., and making sure that the organization is running efficiently.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Membership Dues are $300.00 (US) per year for full voting membership
    and $175.00 (US) for associate membership.

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