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  • HMED – Heater Mason Education & Development Program

    The MHA’s Education committee unveiled a new education program at the annual business meeting. Aside from helping to fulfill the MHA’s mission statement, the following objectives were identified:

    • to provide an education program that starts with basic information and skills training, before progressing in a logical order of delivery
    • to establish a standard curriculum that can be delivered wherever appropriate facilities are available
    • to provide additional opportunities for certified members to acquire CEUs, other than at site-built heater locations
    • to expose potential new members to the masonry heater field in a local facility, rather than just the AGM
    • to take the pressure off the AGM organizers to provide a full scope of heater information during scheduled workshops
    • to promote safe building practices amongst everyone interested in masonry heaters

    Using the above statements as a guide, the education committee has developed a curriculum and appointed Jerry Frisch as the lead instructor. Even though the curriculum will undergo changes from time to time, here is a link to the initial curriculum of Level 1, modules 1 & 2.

    HMED Curriculum Level 1 Modules 1 &2

    At the present time, MHA has established two dates as a beginning of the HMED Program. Level 1, Modules 1 & 2 will be presented at the following locations and dates:
    •  Sept.17th – Sept. 20th in Perth, Ontario
    •  Nov. 04 – 07 in Shutesbury, Massachusetts

    More locations to be announced.

    For more information, please contact the MHA office.