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  • Marcus is a treasure trove of historical and geographical knowledge:

    Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013
    Subject: Ardennes
    From: Marcus Flynn <pyromasse(at)gmail.com>
    To: Norbert Senf <norbert.senf(at)gmail.com>

    Hi Norbert,
    Thanks for posting the image of the stove. It is in Ardennes Belgium though and not in France as is written on the news page.

    Part of the Ardennes is in France but I was in the Belgian Ardennes.
    Not far from Malmedy where Peiper’s SS unit massacred 100 or so American prisoners and started the prisoner massacres by both sides that made the Battle of the Bulge particulary brutal.

    Anyway no problem but it is in Belgium not France.

    Thanks also for posting the additional images from Japan. I had fun reading through the report last night.