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  • From: Max Edleson <max(at)firespeaking.com>
    Subject: further update, pretty much back in action
    Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:05:58 -0700

    To: Richard Smith – Executive Director <execdir(at)mha-net.org>,
    Norbert Senf <mheat(at)heatkit.com>
    Cc: Steve Bushway <sbushway(at)mac.com>, Matt Coffman <mattcoff(at)gmail.com>

    Once again, I have continued to spend time with customer service on the restore.

    They have done a restore and most everything is working. Notably, all of the articles that you wrote Norbert, the large amount of work Matt recently did and in general most of the site is all back up. For a while I was seeing pages that weren’t working because my browser cache was remembering old pages.

    What is notably still not working is the forms functionality including the membership application.

    The main thing that comes out of this situation is how fortunate we are that we had a backup system in place and that an automatic backup was made just after Matt did the recent work that he did. While the restore is still not perfect, there is a HUGE amount of work and expense that we have been able to save. The hosting company pretty much fell flat on their face where not only their server malfunctioned but THEIR backup system was inexplicably not intact either. Amongst their customers, which I would imagine run in the thousands to tens of thousands, they have told me that we are very fortunate.

    I am curious if other people see things that are missing that I have not caught. Please let me know.

    Things are mostly back and we were fortunate to have a backup in this situation… a good moment to remind everyone in the association that it would be good business practice to also have backups to prevent such a challenge.


    Max Foster Edleson
    (541) 964-3536
    (541) 294-5232 – Cell