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    From: John Bell <bell.john(at)something.com>
    Date: Friday, October 11, 2013
    Subject: sooty hand


     This is the beginning of the fifth season of full time house heating with our heat kit.
    I put my hand as far down the chimney as it would go and rubbed it around. This is the result – unthinkable with the wood stoves I used in the 20 yrs before we put the masonry heater in (whole hand – arm would have been black).
    I’m amazed at how clean the burn is.
    I’ll vacuum the fly ash out of the bench and chimney bottom and empty ash pit and we’ll be ready to go for another season.
    Quite pleased with the design – jbell
    Ps. Our chimney is 13 ft of 8×12 masonry with 14 ft of 7″ insulated stainless above that.