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    Members know that having to cancel two years of annual meetings and two years of auctions hurt income for the association. The pandemic also caused a drop in membership which means less membership income.

    As we face the next 12 months before our next annual meeting, we are planning 2 fund raising events, a Fundraiser and an Auction.

    Members that planned on attending the annual meetings at Wildacres saved money on registration, travel, and lodging expenses by the cancellations. It also allowed them income during the week they would normally be at Wildacres. The association is asking these members to consider what they saved over the last 2 years when considering what level of Donation to give.

    Members that had not planning on attending the annual meetings, the association is asking you to consider helping with a donation also.

    MHA has created different levels of giving and made it as easy for you to use your credit card. Select a level and submit, instructions to pay with a credit card will follow. If you prefer to write a check, you can donate any amount you care to. Checks should be mailed to the MHA office at 2180 S. Flying Q Lane, Tucson, AZ. 85713. The top two levels will receive a special gift as a token of appreciation.

    Diamond Level $2,000 Silver Level $500
    Platinum Level $1,000 Copper Level $250
    Gold Level $750 Turquoise Level $100

    The association would like to thank you for being and remaining a member. We also want to thank you if you decided to make a donation. MHA has always prided itself as being a bottom-up organization with big hearts and generous with their time and money.

    -Richard Smith (Executive Director)