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Data sets


MHA Position Paper
outlines a consensus regulatory approach to masonry heater issues.
600 Kb PDF file

Short Course on Masonry Heating Systems
by Norbert Senf
140 Kb PDFt file

Residential Wood Combustion Technology Review
by James Houck and Paul Tiegs
800 Kb PDF file

Comparison of Test Standards from Various Countries
by Edvard Karlsvik, Sintef Applied Thermodynamics
220 Kb PDF file

Review of Wood Heater and Fireplace Emission Factors
by James Houck, John Crouch and Roy H. Huntley

Design and Operating Factors Which Affect Emissions from Residential Wood-Fired Heaters: Review and Update
Paul Tiegs
OMNI Environmental Services

Discussion Regarding Reporting Units for Emissions from Residential Cord-wood Burning Space-heating Appliances
Paul Tiegs
OMNI Environmental Services
January 10, 1994 (revised February 1995)
paper is located at

Summary Report of the In Home Emissions and Efficiency Performance of Five Commercially Available Masonry Heaters
Stockton G. Barnett
Omni Environmental Services
(Draft) April 15, 1992
(970 kb PDF file)

Defining Masonry Heaters - A Discussion Paper

Norbert Senf
(23 pages, 67Kb Acrobat format)

Clean Combustion of Wood
by A.M. Hasan R. Khan
A report of The Woodburning Stove Group
Eindhoven University of Technology, July, 1991

(3 Mb PDF file)

Emissions from Outdoor Wood-Burning Residential Hot Water Furnaces

February 1998
PDF file

Air Requirements and Related Parameters for Masonry Heating Systems (online)
Norbert Senf
prepared for The Research Division, Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation, Ottawa, (1994)
Download (124 Kb PDF file)

Fireplace Air Requirements

ORTECH International, Scanada Consultants, Sheltair Scientific
prepared for The Research Division, Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation, Ottawa, (1989)
(1.0 Mb PDF file)

Modifications and Refinement of the Computer Model "Wood Burning Simulator"

Scanada Consultants, prepared for The Research Division, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ottawa, (1987)
(1.5 Mb PDF file)

The Dynamics of Domestic Open Fires

by Prof. P.O. Rosin, 1939
The paper that's been an underground classic among fireplace masons for years. Well illustrated, recommended

28 pages. (3Mb PDF file)

A Comparison of Fireplace Emissions Testing Methods
Norbert Senf
3 test methods were run simultaneously on open masonry fireplaces at McNear Brick in 1995.
(20 pages, 80Kb PDF file)

Recent Laboratory and Field Testing of Masonry Heater and Masonry Fireplace Emissions (online)
Norbert Senf
presented at 1994 Air and Waste Management Association
Download (Word for Windows 6.0 format) 112 Kb

Very Low Emissions Cordwood Combustion in High Burn Rate Appliances - Early Results with Possible Implications
Norbert Senf
presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Air and Waste
Management Association, San Antonio, 1995.
Download (Acrobat format)

The Hearth as an Element of the Sustainable House - A Comparison of Emission Test Methods for New Clean Burning Wood Fired Masonry Fireplaces (online)
Norbert Senf
to be presented at the 89th Annual Meeting of the Air and
Waste Management Association, Nashville, June 23-28 1996
Download (Word for Windows 6.0 format) 52 Kb

Low Emissions Residential Cordwood Combustion in High Mass Appliances - Recent Research and Results
Norbert Senf
presented at Combustion Canada ’96 Conference,
Ottawa, June 5 - 7, 1996
Download (Word for Windows 6.0 format) 76 Kb

Flue Gas Emissions in Wood Burning Stoves
Translation of 1985 Austrian study of PAH emissions from a Grundofen (masonry heater) and a conventional stove. Includes PAH analyses. Done by the government test lab for the Austrian stovemasons guild.
(Acrobat format, 900 Kb)
Determination of Condensible Particulate Woodstove Emission Factors Using Condar's Emissions Sampler
by Stockton Barnett
2.4 Mb PDF file.
Testing Protocol for Particulate Emissions from Woodburning Fireplaces
Northern Sonoma Country APCD, Healdsburg, California, Dec. 10, 1997
(33 pages, 927 Kb Acrobat file)
Emissions of Rural Wood-Burning Cooking Devices
Phd thesis by Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Fireplaces: Studies in Contrasts
A.C.S. (Skip) Hayden, P.Eng
(Paper is located at HearthNet)

Data Sets <<back

These data sets are in Excel for Windows 5.0 format (zipped)

Calculated values in the spreadsheets use named ranges, so that the formulas used for the calculations can be deciphered. Each test is entered as a sheet in a workbook and includes data, calculated summaries and a graph of stack temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Particulate emissions are calculated from two sets of filter weights, since filters are always changed 15 minutes into the test. Most of the later tests include complete fueling specifications, including surface to volume ratio information.

Photographs of each fuel load are available as jpegs. Included in the Excel workbooks are data summary sheets and graphs.

cf9493.xls (233 Kb, zipped)
Data from 1993 and 1994 tests on a contraflow heater
with an 18" firebox.
hk94.xls (88 Kb, zipped)
Data from 1994 tests on a prototype contraflow heater
with a 22" firebox and a bakeoven. 1995 data is in a separate
workbook, below.
hk95.xls (80 Kb, zipped)
Data from 1995 test on a prototype contraflow heater
with a 22" firebox and a bakeoven.
Fueling photos (click on link) ../research/

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Strawbale Moisture Sensor Study
archived for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Division of Building Research

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