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April 29, 2017

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Wildacres 2017

Click image for high resolution version

Wildacres Video

by Chad and Jason Turpin

Wildacres Photo Report - People

Check back for full report on all the workshops
photo credit: Stefan Polatschek

Experimental 36" Sand Cast Refractory Oven

with Marty Pearson and Norbert Senf

MHA Auction Donor List

Overair Conversion

by Marcus Flynn

This client near Toronto has been heating his 3000 sq. ft. zero energy passive house with a masonry heater
 exclusively for 
for 10 years, using approximately 1.5 cords of wood per winter.

Tulikivi will have a presence there, as will MHA.
MHA is a member of BTEC, and BTEC will give you a member discount on
the registration fee.

Association Fran�aise du Po�le Ma�onn� Artisanal

The Masonry Heater Association of France

Wildacres 2017

WaWaBar and Karata

by Marcus Flynn

MHA Lab Progress

en route to Wildacres, Damien Lehmann from France visited the MHA lab to help finish the instrumentation setup.

Surface mount soldering of precison humidity sensors onto custom circuit boards

10 channel I2C high precision differential pressure sensor system

Report from Kyrgyzstan

by MHA Tech Committee member Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Moskitia: Field Notes

by Marcus Flynn

Multifunctional Complex by Igor Kuznetsov

Attendee List for Wildacres 2017

Agenda for Wildacres 2017

Design/Build Contest for Wildacres 2017

Manufactured heater test method exploratory testing, Hearth Lab Solutions, Randolph VT.

Left to right: Mark Champion, Boris Kukolj, Chris Prior, Norbert Senf, Jean-Francois Vachon
photo credit: Mark Seymour

R-Value Calculator from the Alberta Masonry Council

Manufactured Heater Test Method Development Testing at Hearth Lab Solutions, Randolph Vermont

This is the first time that the Condar portable dilution tunnel has been run with EPA Method 5-G on a masonry heater for a one-on-one comparison

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott is a member of the MHA Technical Committee
Check out his 2015 Ontario Stove Testing Camp

Presentations from the Albany NESCAUM Emissions Conference, Nov 30 -- Dec 1, 2016

MHA Projects Page Update (2016 projects added)

Dale Hisler

From: Ron Pihl <>
Date: Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 8:17 PM

Dale Hisler (Hisler = Heat Maker in German) died yesterday. Sorry to send us such sad news.

by Firespeaking

by Firespeaking

Manufactured heater test method development

- manufactured heater fueling protocol development testing by EPA in co-operation with MHA.
- left to right: Mark Seymour, Boris Kukolj, Mark Champion, Chris Prior, Jean-Francois Vachon
- the testing was done at Mark Champion's lab in Randolph VT.
- Feb 2/17: preliminary results summary. Check back later for more details

Cordwood repeatability study, MHA lab

- Red oak cordwood,
- using proposed manufactured heater default fueling specification (under discussion)
- compare with white birch cordwood testing at Mark Champion's lab (above)

Stacked Heatkits by Alexandre Paquin, Lac Des Ecorces, Quebec

Open fireplace with oven by Igor Kuznetsov

Boilers. Via Facebook (Mihail Markin)

Time lapse video, top down burn - 60 lbs oak @16% moisture

MHA Research Heater

First tests of a proposed new cordwood testing protocol, using the MHA Research Heater 

Test results

Jan 10/17 Sensor locations specified by Daniel Lehmann for handbuilt heater
calculator development and verification testing. MHA research heater.

Download Sketchup model

Contraflow heater my Marcus Flynn

Wakefield Quebec, off grid house, 2005. Reclaimed bricks ca. 1900

Oven with open fireplace by Igor Kuznetsov

Click to download newsletter

Cool video of an Eco-labelled firebox burning 2x cleaner than a pellet stove

by Homestead Heat
this was the first eco-labelled (Austrian) firebox tested by MHA. 

Posted to Facebook by Karoly Borbely, Hungary

8" Damper by Marcus Flynn

Stacked heaters with tight chimney clearance, using 8" O.D. stainless flue liners.

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

by Firespeaking

Multifunction Stove/Fireplace/Oven/Smoker/Tandoor

by Igor Kuznetsov

Heater by Tony DaSilva

Connection for ICC 8" stainless flue liner

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

MHA Technical Committee Progress Report, Nov 15/16

Huge archive of technical information on wood gasification

page 1, page 2

French Oven Design Book

Community Oven by Red Clay Construction

Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick

Infrared Images of Double Bell heater

by Saulius Prabulis, Poland

Correspondence with the new Polish Masonry Heater Builders' Association

Heater by MHA member Kari Rale

36" x 36" Vaulted oven by Stovemaster Inc.

Toronto. Design by Stefan Polatschek.
Cedar trim hides low sloping roof with water pour-off at rear.

New product from Firespeaking

Mini steam boiler by Igor Kuznetsov

Outdoor cooking complex by Igor Kuznetsov

From left: oven, pizza oven, smoker, cooktop, boiler, heating complex

Bill Reiche, Mason

Pizza Oven with improved air system

by Igor Kuznetsov

Multi-function oven by Igor Kuznetsov

Construction Video

Multi-function oven with heat regulation by Igor Kuznetsov

Contraflow Heater by Marcus Flynn

Reused La Prairie bricks from the 1950s

Interview with Tom Marcantonio on CBC Radio

CAT Thermal Imaging Phone

Comparison of Furnaces

by Igor Kuznetsov

The Future of Biomass

Silicon Valley Innovation Institute
Find out why biochar producing stoves will become the next big thing.

Kon-Tiki - the democratization of biochar production

Homestead Heat AIA
American Institute of Architects Newsletter

49" x 63" Small Commercial Oven Core

3-D Construction Sequence in Sketchup (Masonry Stove Builders)

Using Sketchup to solve a cleanout access issue.

Bench connection is angled at 15 degrees to provide
access to bench tuning brick at chimney/heater connection

Verifying the access

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

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