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Jerry Frisch with his clean burning Frisch Rosin masonry fireplace system (Norbert Senf in the shadows, holding "2 min." sign) (1994)

Lopez Labs was started at the Everett, WA shop of Lopez Quarries/Masonry Heaters. Between 1992 and 1995 we tested a variety of masonry heaters for several weeks every spring at Everett. At over one hundred test runs, this is the largest masonry heater performance database in the United States or Canada. Lopez also participated with two other labs in a simultaneous field test series of masonry fireplaces at McNear Brick in California in 1995.

We have recently opened a second test facility at the Masonry Stove Builders shop here at our home in Greermount, Quebec (close to Ottawa, Canada's capital.) Here we are building a long term performance database on how various operating factors affect specific heater models.

A number of papers have been published describing the research at Lopez Labs. These are available at Lopez Labs Archive

Current Research

2006 Tests at Shawville

Alaska Research Heater

Fuel Crib Testing, February, 2005

Recent Ressearch

Heatkit white oven test, Feb. 3/03

Clearance to Combustibles Testing, MHA Annual Meeting, 2001

Clearances to Combustibles testing, April, 2000

1997 Heater Combustion Tests

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and data from the 1997 test series


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