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May 28, 2016

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MHA Board of Directors
2015 - 2017:

President Dan Givens
Vice President Marty Pearson
Secretary Ron Pihl
Treasurer  Doug Hargrave
Members at large Boris Kukolj
Chris Prior
Matt Helicke

Executive Director - Dick Smith
Masonry Heater News Editor - Norbert Senf
Webmaster - Norbert Senf

MHA Announces 2016 Masonry Heater Classes

Interesting Bake Oven Hearth Material Discussion

Yahoo MHA members list

Grill Like the Chefs: Throw Everything Onto the Fire

New York Times, May 25/16

Tyrolean Squirrel Tail Community Oven Workshop

with Eric Moshier, Duluth MN, June 2 & 3

Structural steel design to cantilever heated bench onto wooden floor w. 2" airspace.

white oven in stanbridge east
White Oven in Stanbridge East, Quebec

by Marcus Flynn

The Weingarten Water Heater Collection

Check out some interesting "new" concepts

Skip Barnett, Inventor of the Condar Portable Dilution Tunnel

3 day course on emissions testing, organized by OMNI for MHA in 1991
download a transcript

Traditional Tyrolean Stubenofen

with Stephan Polatschek and Eric Moshier, Wildacres 2016

Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

Lloydminster, Alberta
Link to Facebook album 

Rocket Cook Stove / Heater

with Max Edleson, Wildacres 2016

Firetube Kachelofen workshop at Wildacres

with Axel Schmitz and crew

Pizza Oven with Pat Manley

Wildacres 2016

Combination Double Bell heater with bakeoven and PriorFire open fireplace

By Alex Chernov and Chris Prior, Wildacres 2016

Wildacres 2016 Test Heater - Photo Report

Wildacres 2016 Photo Report

by Norbert Senf

Tulikivi heater
Tulikivi donation to MHA's annual fundraising auction!

Maple Syrup Evaporators

by Marcus Flynn

History of the  Top Down Burn

Photo report on combination Double Bell / Priorfire Fireplace workshop, Wildacres 2016 

Cabin Cookstove/Heater Workshop with Eric Moshier

May 4 - 6, 2016, North House Folk School, Minnesota

Wildacres 2016

Click here for full sized image
Check back soon for photo reports


Pat Manley Brick Pizza Oven 

Katie Wyers is Chef at Taliesin, the Frank Loyd Wright School of Architecture in Wisconsin.
She had asked MHA member Lew Lama about building a wood fired oven, and decided to drive down with him to attend Pat Manley's workshop, after Lew had recommended reading Richard Miscovitch's "From the Wood-Fired Oven"

See most recent update (March 20/16)

Wildacres 2016 - Schedule of Events

Wildacres 2016 - Registration List

March newsletter with Wildacres update

Repeatability test results from MHA's new lab

Updated April 1/16
Abstract and Powerpoint of presentation at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the Pellet Stove Design Challenge, Apr. 6/16

An Investigation of the Variability of Particulate Emissions from Woodstoves in New Zealand

G. Colson, R. Bian and E. Somervell, in Aerosol and Air Quality Research, November 2015

Round Robin Test of a Wood Stove -
The influence of standards, test procedures and calculation procedures on the emission level

Skreiberg et al., Biomass and Bioenergy, 1997

How much heat is there in one pound of wood?

by Sam Foote, P.E.
from MHA News, 1992 (print edition)

O.S.H.A. Silica Final Rule Released

Wildacres Heater Testing Workshop

Short single bell heater, designed by Homestead Heat

EPA's Original Proposals re Calculated Heaters

From the 2013 EPA draft NSPS proposal, which served as the basis for MHA's comments

MHA Technical Committee Action Plan 2015 - 2016
April 23, 2015

Report from Pat Manley, Mar 16/16

12 Day Stove Workshop in Poland, May 15 - 27, 2016

With Igor Kuznetsov.
Organised by the Polish Stove Builders' Association

Emissions Testing Basics

MHA Technical Committee

Biomass Combustor Efficiency

Biomass Combustion Institute

International Cookstove Testing Standards

in Environmental Science and Technology

Report from Damien Lehman, AFPMA-Tech

more real time burn rate measurements in a masonry heater
via MHA-tech list

The Definitive Guide to EPA's New Source Performance Standards for New Wood Heaters 2015


Measuring real time burn rate in a masonry heater

Damien Lehmann (AFPMA, Masonry Heater Association of France)

Fireplace/Cooking Complex by Igor Kuznetsov

Results of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Woodstove Retrofit Challenge

Chimney Connection #16

Marcus Flynn

How to build an outdoor kitchen

by Henrik Lepel

Principles of Deep Energy Retrofits: Homes & Buildings

Marc Rosenbaum, P.E.

Feb 15/16 Modifications to MHA Research Heater.

Wildacrest 2016 combustion testing workshop

preliminary design by MHA tech committee member Carsten Homstead
Check out last year's testing workshop

Harbison Walker 2005 Refractory Handbook

Thanks to Dave Wilcox for the link

Preliminary testing begins at MHA's new lab

North American Contraflow Firing Instructions

by Marcus Flynn

The Cabin Stove

by Firespeaking

Arthur Brown, "Fire"

Thanks to Marcus Flynn for the video flashback to 1968

Lepuschenko stove after 34 years

brief report by Mark Seymour

MHA Research Heater, Jan 19/16

Lab setup is progressing, and preliminary testing is expected to start within a week.

Download the January MHA Newsletter

Designing a thermal shock resistant clay mix

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott et al

Blowing Smoke
Why improved cookstove performance tests are mostly hot air

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott et al.
Principal Technical Advisor, Sustainable Energy Technology Research Center (SeTAR), University of Johannesburg, South Africa

      Eco Firebox by Boris Kukolj

Download a Free Residential Heat Loss Calculator (Excel)

developed by Marc Rosenbaum, PE,  for use in his "Zero Net Energy Homes" course
offered through NESEA's Building Energy Masters Series.

5 Most Popular Workshops from the 
MHA Projects Page

1.) - Backyard Oven Workshop with Peter Moore

2.) - French Bake Oven Workshop with Norbert Senf

3.) - Small Commercial Pizza Oven Workshop with Pat Manley

4.) - Easy to Build Experimental Oven with Alex Chernov

5.) - Cob Oven Workshop with Tom Trout

Contraflow-bell hybrid with cookstove -  Marian Ozabal, Slovakia

Submitted by Marcus Flynn

Chimney connection #15

Marcus Flynn

The difference between North American and European efficiency calculations

Rick Curkeet, PE, Intertek

Progress report on MHA's new research heater

MHA Technical Committee, Dec 15/15
Background, updated Dec 29/15

Intelligent Heat System - High Energy Efficient Wood Stoves with Low Emissions

Jytte Illerup, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Chemical Engineering, Denmark

Heater by Max Edleson. Local newspaper article on masonry heaters

Brick cooker, Kyrgystan

Submitted by Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, who is on the MHA tech committee.

Woodstock Soapstone hybrid stove cold start test  (includes video)

2-1/8" thick oven dome by Jon Santiago

By Firespeaking

J-loop 22" heater core with 10' heated bench, for ski lodge, Hakuba Japan. Mason: Aki Yoshimizu

Sketchup model by Masonry Stove Builders

Outside air installation for eco-firebox, using airtight gasketed damper

Interesting retrofit chimney installation discussion

Yahoo MHA members list

European Wood Heating Technology Survey

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

New Kachelofen by Jessica Steinhauser

Building MHA's new research heater, aiming for EPA certification

MHA members Tom Marcantonio, Mark Seymour, Alex Chernov and Norbert Senf
(also: Darrel Delisle, Matt Anderson, Marco)

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