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To: Richard Smith - Executive Director
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Subject: Report#4 from the front line at KIRIKIRI

Hello Richard and all members of M.H.A.,

We are challenging the managiment of OFURO everyday.] It is very funny that
governmental foresters are managing OFURO.The people at KIRIKIRI are teasing
me! every day.
These days the condition of one of the firewood boiler which was made by
very old Japanese boiler productor goes not so well.Because everyday we are
burning about 100kg firewood from timber of houses destroyed by Tsunami. And
most of
them(firewood) are coniferous wood(pine,ceder,larch and so on) timber so
that much soot have been sticked to the inside of heat exchanger pipe and
chimney.It has been very hard work to make 10tons hot water for OFURO(bath
shower) in
these days.
coniferous wood.
The other firewood boiler is coming from Gemany.His burning is controled by
micro computer to keep the gas very clean.So that no smoke,no soot but very
expensive like as Masonry Heater.

But we are challenging make heat to take long time from early in the
So we have to stay at the front line KIRIKIRI(this name of the place came
from th Ainus certainly).I drived the mobile camper(rentaled) last night
form our home to KIRIKIRI and spend the first night there.There is real
Darkness even now because almost houses and street lights had disappeared.
Thanks so much for your Donation for our staion at KIRIKIRI.
I attach the pictures about it with cherry blossoms.

Now we are preparing the NEW? Firewood Bussiness for the people suffered by
They can make easily the firewood from destroyed houses.And they can package
them for inatance paper bags(for 30kg rice).We are finding the buyer of fire
wood from suffered area as the help for them to rebuild their lives.We have
to apread Masonry Heaters and firewood boilers to consume coniferous
firewood at the same time!
Please continue to suport us.

with the best regards and so much thanks,

your comrade at the fornt line KIRIKIRI
Hikari Hickory Fukazawa






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To: Richard Smith - Executive Director
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Subject: Report#5 from the front line at KIRIKIRI

Good morning Richard and all members of M.H.A.,

Thank you everyday for every thing.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom!
And our OFURO project is in full power!

Until yesterday we moved OFURO systems to the other shelter in
KIRIKIRI.Because the school has started since 25th and the shelter has to
move to the other place from the primary school where is used as the
shelter.But it was very easy because all systems set on the trucks.

I attach the photoes about moving of OFURO and cherry blossom of primary
scools around KIRIKIRI.

with the best thanks,

your friend
 Hikari Hickory Fukazawa

Update from Hikari Fukuzawa, April 13/11