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Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 
To: mha.association(at)yahoo.com; 
Subject: I can not find the word for your warm heart

Hello Richard and all my friends of M.H.A.,

I greatly appreciate so much donation from M.H.A. and many friends of mine.
Now we are operating OFURO(SENTO) Project for the people who lost their
homes by Tsunami at Ozuchi town where about a quarter of thepopulation had
been died by the disaster.We are firing lumbers of destroyed houses by
firewood boilers.
Please see the following site(blog) by one of my firewood friend,sorry only
Japanese since I have no time to translate to English now.

And now many volunteer stuffs who have knwon each other through Firewood or
Forestry have been coming from whole Japan and stay at Tono near my office.
So we are preparing "front base" at Ozuchi town because it takes 1 and half
hour from Tono where now they volunteer stuffs have been staying to Ozuchi
town at coast side.
I suppose to use The Donation from M.H.A. and each members for to rent
mobile camper(hotel on the truck where for people can stay)  in order to
save time and gasoline and their(and our)load to go to and from.And for to
serve them some medicine sometime with bubble for reluxation.
Is it Ok?

We will have to continue(keep) This project until they the people could move
the temporary houses from shelter it takes maybe half year or more.
So please send prayer for them and us.

Thank you very much for your warm heart and donation.

attach some photoes about the Project nowadays,sorry titles are all Japanese
please imagine from the pictures.

with the warmest regards,

manager of M.H.J.
Hikari Hickory Fukazawa

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From: h-fukazawa(at)pref.iwate.jp
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 10:38 AM
To: Richard Smith - Executive Director

Dear Richard
Every members of M.H.A.(please send to mailing list Richard),

I am receiving your M.H.A. and each member's Donations for Tsunami disaster
in our country.
Our project of M.H.J. which serve much hot water by mobile firewood boiler
for Ofuro(bath and shower).
Many people who are living now at shelter are very pleased to take the bath
and the shower.Especially ladies are able to clean their own hair.

I am very sorry thet I am too busy for supplying(controle the stuff and
volunteer) hot water the people every day to write many thanks to you all(to
each person).
But our project should be connect to make change the thought about energy
consumption I am expecting.
As I have mentioned we Japanese had almost stopped to use firewood and most
of nation use only electricity. Example for to warm even their seat of
toilet whole season and now almost of them are using "shower toilet"with
warm water by electricity.And even in winter time maybe 50% family warm
their house by air conditioners. Many people make hot water and boil rice by

So I hope our project to make them change not to use so much heat energy
from electrisity water from waste wood broken by Tsunanmi and to use
firewood for heatting and make hot water.

Anyway now we have to prepare some pipes for showers and to make big bath
covered with plastic(blue)sheet.I would like to use your Donations for to
prepare the parts of the boiler and showers(mainly piping and transportaion
the boiler to other shelter and so on).

I attach some pictures of today's activity.
I could have chance to report directly you at wildacres someday.

I greatly appreciate your kidness and warm heart.
THANK YOU! I will report again and again.

 Best regards,

   Hikari Hickry FUKAZAWA

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