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    I joined just to be able to ask this: Is there a masonry heater small enough to heat a tiny home? I love the principle, but the illustrations all showed “regular” houses. A tiny home is anywhere between 150 and 400 sq ft.



    have you checked in to a rocket mass heater


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    This reply came from Norbert Senf, chairman of our technical committee and past president:


    It depends on the heating load of the home. An uninsulated Sprinter van would require maybe 20,000 BTU/hr. A superinsulated 400 sq. ft. home might get by  on 2,500 BTU/hr (0.75kW). Also, the location and what the lowest outside temperature is that you are designing for.


    You could build a small masonry heater with storage, no problem once you figure out what size load you want to burn in the firebox, and how many times per day you want to fire it, which determines the mass required for storage. I don’t know of any existing designs this small. It would most probably be single walled, using firebricks on edge, with a wall thickness of 2.5″. You would likely want to minimize the footprint, use the available height, and exit at the top. Also, do you want to burn regular 16″ long firewood, half that length (8″), or cut a custom length? Or burn pellets or presto logs? …………..Norbert






    Wow, that’s a lot to think about! Since I don’t yet have the tiny house, I can’t yet come up with specs.I would guess 250-300 sq ft and well insulated with foam.I live in Alaska, so it’s cold in winter. I gather there are no “ready to install” ones, so each is a custom installation?




    This reply may be a little late, but it may be worth your time to consider attending the MHA annual meeting in April, if you have not already registered to attend. The hands-on workshop by Axel Schmitz of ” Firetube ” that is scheduled ( #9 on the agenda sheet ), seems to address your original question. I’m sure it will be a very well planned and interesting build !

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