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2018 MHA Annual Meeting

Presentations and Ceremonies

Presentations and Ceremonies
Double Deck Oven
Advanced Heater
Cabin Heater
Heater Testing
Tulikivi TU1800XL
Pat Manley Oven
Tiileri Demo
Masonry Skills
Quick Oven
Pizza Party

The story of Wildacres.

Introductions and orientation for first time visitors.

Annual Jerry Frisch award. Dan Givens as he learns he was voted this year's recipient.

Previous Jerry Frisch Award recipients.

MHA Certified Heater Masons.

This year's crop of new MHA Certified Heater Masons - Dan Peltier

Kari Rale

Jean-David Morneau

Jonathan Steele

Jason Temple

Presentations: Norbert Senf presented on results of testing on the Austrian Eco-Labelled Firebox

Tulikivi very generously donated this TU1000/50 Grafia to the MHA annual Fund Raising Auction.
It is a small, base vented heater. Adequate for a room or a small cabin or as a “hearth heater” (placed in front of an existing fireplace and venting into its throat).

Auctioneer Marty Pearson on the left. He also knows how to assemble Tulikivis.

Harbison Walker gave a presentation on refractories, and displayed their certified food safe refractory materials and a demo oftheir new oven kit.

Ben Myren presented his research on the effect of chimney height on stove performance.

Pat Manley presented on Masons on a Mission

Sketchup class. The beginners class was taught by Max Edleson.

Boris Kukolj taught the advanced Sketchup class.

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